5 Free Softwares for Aspiring Graphic Designers

Graphic Softwares Inkscape

Words by Kimberly Claire Reyes

To all aspiring graphic designers out there:

Aren’t you tired of being scammed into downloading what you thought would be the ideal software to start off your graphic designing career only to end up with some bad quality application that wouldn’t even let you save your work without adding the ever-so-dreadful watermark?

It is no doubt a struggle for us graphic designers to find THE perfect software that is not only wallet-friendly but also delivers quality output. Well, let me just say that your long search is about to come to an end because we have picked out the five best graphic design software programs that could make illustrating graphics a whole lot easier!

Why spend loads of cash if you could just download these free software programs that could literally compete with their premium counterparts?

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5. Blender


This software is the ultimate tool for 3D animation. It is well-known as the ideal platform for modeling, rigging, simulation, compositing, motion tracking, and so much more. Whether you are going to create short films or TV shows, this application has got your back with its flexible customization and a wide range of tools.



Gimp is basically a free photoshop in disguise. It is filled with advanced brushes and sophisticated tools which makes photo editing and graphic designing a whole lot easier for its users. Though the interface may not be as good, this free software can still help you when it comes to adjusting photos and digital art because of the various customization options it possesses.

3. Fire Alpaca

Fire Alpaca is a free digital painting software that is perfect for beginner digital artists. It is famous for being very simple and easy to use which allows one to maximize productivity in the most efficient manner.

Aside from these, Fire Alpaca is equipped with several comic templates and a 3D perspective to help you sharpen your art skills for the industry.

2. Inkscape


Being an open-source graphics editor, Inkscape is the perfect, wallet-friendly alternative for Adobe Illustrator. It offers a wide array of advanced tools and a broad file format compatibility. Moreover, Inkscape also includes a wide selection of effects that can aid in the creation of vector graphics like illustrations, line arts, logos, and much more.

1. Medibang Paint Studio

Medibang Paint Studio

Medibang Paint Studio is known to be very user-friendly with its easy-to-use navigation tools and minimalist interface. It can render brush-strokes quickly without lagging and configure brush tools to suit any painting style.

Just to add to the hype, this software also offers cloud sharing which is truly perfect for collaborative work.

Were you able to try out any of these software programs? Share your thoughts with us! 

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