5 #FirstJobProblems Millennials Face Today (And How to Solve Them!)

5 #FirstJobProblems Millennials Face Today (And How to Solve Them) 5

Soon, a whole new batch of millennials will be out school, and therefore, out of a job. They will have to a join a Hunger Games type of battle, where the prize is the job of their dreams. Of course, finding one’s dream job on the first try is impossible. And because we were so busy studying the function of the mitochondria and how early Train A has to leave the station to catch Train B, we don’t know practical functions like writing a killer resume or filing taxes.

Are you a soon-to-be fresh graduate? Below are 5 #FirstJobProblems you’ll face when looking for your first job. Don’t worry, millennials. We come bearing tips.

5 #FirstJobProblems Millennials Face Today (And How to Solve Them) 2

5. Looking for the job

One of the challenging parts of job-hunting is finding one. It’s kind of like Abra from Pokémon, where you have to walk endlessly in fields of grass until he comes along. But you have to be equipped or he’ll teleport before you can whip out a Pokéball. I was once an idealist and shunned all offers from my mom, who said she could hook me up with her influential friends. I thought so highly of myself that I believed I could get a job on my own. But with the number of people applying for the same position, it’s hard to stand out unless you have a Masterball. A little push from friends and family can help. If you don’t know any leads, online job portals can help. Just type the kind of job you’re looking for, then filter. And remember, it’s all skills-based now.

4. Creating a resume

Your resume is your ticket to getting your dream job. I’ve worked in human resources for a year so I know the value of a well-written resume. Double-check and triple-check spelling, grammar, and dates. Your resume is going to be thin because of lack of experience, so you have to highlight your awards and organizations joined. I personally like adding a short paragraph to introduce myself and give a little background. Here I’ll put my experience, awards, and achievements. Adding this to your resume will give the interviewer an idea of what you can offer. If you don’t know what to put, think of the things that will make human resources want to hire you on the spot.

5 #FirstJobProblems Millennials Face Today (And How to Solve Them) 3

3. Securing an interview

The interview is the most dreaded part of any job application, and it’s even more terrifying if it’ll be your first. They’re not as bad as you think. Most of the interview will be about confirming your educational and work background. Make sure you show them you’re worth hiring despite a lack of experience through your achievements in school and extracurricular activities. If you don’t have them, show that you’re excited and willing to learn. Offer real-life examples when they ask you things, and never give one-word answers. The one question you should be prepared to answer you arrive is: Why should we hire you? If you want to really prepare, there are sample questions online with appropriate answers.

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2. Completing job requirements

After acing your interview, they will give you your job offer with your responsibilities and your monthly salary. If you sign it, they will give you a list of requirements to complete. Some common ones are your diploma, transcript of records (TOR), and medical clearance, as well as government requirements like your NBI clearance and numbers for Pag-Ibig (housing loans), Philhealth (health insurance), and SSS (social security). These weren’t taught in school but they’re easy to secure, as long as you know where the offices are. Check Google Maps to know the nearest satellite office.

5 #FirstJobProblems Millennials Face Today (And How to Solve Them)

1. Surviving the first day

So you’ve found a possible job, created a killer resume, aced the interview, and completed your requirements. Congratulations on getting your first job! But how do you survive? There are plenty of things to still discover, like how to deal with the boss and office politics. More importantly, how do you do things that weren’t taught in school, like mid-year reports, feasibility studies, and action plans? Whatever industry you’re in, there’s always something that weren’t taught in schools. Good thing there’s the Internet to tell you how to do it.

5 #FirstJobProblems Millennials Face Today (And How to Solve Them) 4

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