5 Filipino Artists Show Us Different Ways to Use ZIG Kuretake Products

Artists have a lot of options when it comes to their medium of choice nowadays. One brand you might want to look into as an artist would be ZIG Kuretake. Made in Japan, ZIG Kuretake offers a wide variety of crafting goods, high quality graphic design pens and markers, and optimal illustration products.

Here are just some of the ZIG Kuretake products you might want to look into as showcased by some of our favorite Filipino artists.

5 Filipino Artists Show Us Different Ways to Use ZIG Kuretake Products

ZIG Fudebiyori

If you’re looking for a waterproof and water-based brush pen for your journaling and scrapbooking needs, you might want to look into the ZIG Fudebiyori. Its ink is photo-safe, acid-free, lightfast, odorless, and xylene-free. It also has an archival quality, making it perfect for preserving memories. John Misael demonstrates his use of the ZIG Fudebiyori here:

ZIG Posterman Marker

Another great waterproof product is the ZIG posterman marker. Although normally used as a sign painting marker for chalkboards, whiteboards, glass, and mirrors; its metallic colors make it a great choice for other lifestyle crafts, as well, including school projects and home decors. Check out how Anina Rubio uses the ZIG Kuretake Posterman marker here:

Read more about Anina Rubio and her art here.

ZIG Kuretake Pens

Even for note-taking, ZIG Kuretake can be your best friend, as showcased by Paola Esteron:

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Been trying to assess my creative journey last year and I can say it went on a plateau status. This year, I made a resolution that aside from learning new things, it will also be ok if I also focus on betterment of my works. One of my focus this year is to improve my art merch that I produce for art conventions/fairs. So far, so good. I tried to take down notes right after Komiket last week about consumer's buying power and interests. 😄 I'm still figuring out systematic restocking ways if I decide to consign with concept stores this year since I'm only a one man team (😂😂😂). The restocking procedure felt like a commitment (and not sure if I'm ready for that) unlike when producing merch for fairs, it's one time effort. 😁 But I'm not letting this stop me to experience merch consignments soon 🙂 — My artist friends who are now experienced with consignments, any tips about restocking? 🤔✌🏻

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ZIG Cocoiro

The ZIG Cocoiro is designed for customization. You can customize the body, ink and tip of this pen to suit your personal style. Derived from the Japanese words ‘Cocoro’ for heart and ‘Iro’ for color, it literally translates to the ‘color of your heart’. Chinny Trinidad showcases her beautiful calligraphy with ZIG Cocoiro here:

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ZIG Letter Pen and ZIG Drawing Pen

Even comic book artists can use ZIG. Harvey Tolibao showcases his stunning artwork with the use of a ZIG letter pen COCOIRO and a ZIG drawing pen here:

Have you tried ZIG Kuretake products before? Share your work with us, so we can feature you, as well! :)

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