5 of Our Favorite Finds at Art in Island’s Art Market

Written by Meg Torrente / Photos by Jules Gapuz / Video by Patricia Mananghaya

You’ve probably heard about the Art Market in Cubao Expo. In case you didn’t know, Art in Island hosts a monthly market to feature handmade crafts and art pieces made by local brands and artists. Stickers, planners, jewelry, zines, tattoos – you know name it; you’ll probably find it at the Art Market. The variety of items available is endless. We guarantee you’ll find several things that’ll make you say “Shut up and take my money!” Here are some of our favorite finds from when we visited the Art Market last month:

5 of Our Favorite Finds at Art in Island’s Art Market

Stickers from Liana Maris (@liana_maris)

For all the sticker lovers out there, check out these designs by Liana Maris! I personally wanted to buy each and every one of them! A number of her work feature her signature pelvic skeleton illustration. Spot the one on the butterfly sticker! What are you waiting for? Your laptop is waiting to be decked out in these!

Art Market 14

Face Caricatures by Stephanie Rue (@art.stephanie.rue)

This art market wouldn’t be complete without some personalized art! Local artist Stephanie Rue offers face caricatures made on the spot! Aside from that, she also offers temporary tattoos that she designed herself! Don’t miss out on these nostalgic classics!

Art Market 24

Art Market 10

Hamsa Earrings by P.TAKA (@P.takaPH)

Sharing the spotlight with P.TAKA’s wallets (duh!) are these lovely Hamsa Earrings. They also had a variety of other designs for their earrings, such as turtles and dreamcatchers! Insanely irresistible for the bohemian in you!

Art Market 21

Zines from Labyu Majora (@labyumajora)

One of the most eye-catching products were the Zines made by Labyu Majora. Each zine’s art revolves around a short but thought-generating prose piece. We definitely recommend you get a copy of Xtra Baggage and/or One Size Fits All.

Art Market 23

Hand-Drawn Notebooks by Justine Co (@kookoobahnhof / @artofjamo)

Found in the same booth as Labyu Majora’s prints and JAMO’s illustrations are these notebooks with hand-drawn desings by Justine Co. The lines from her designs are so fine! We can’t even imagine how much work she puts into every piece.

Art Market 04

These are a just a few of the many selections they have to offer at the monthly Art Market in Art in Island! And after shopping for art, how about becoming part of art? Check out how much fun it is to go around Art in Island here.

What was your favorite item on the list? 🙂

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