5 Favorite Date Food To Get To Your Loved One’s Heart

It has always been hard to decide where to eat. There is the never-ending question of “San tayo kakain?” and “Anong order mo?” which has equivalent answers of “Kahit Saan” and “Kahit Ano”.

This Valentines, make your date a little more special with these tried and tested food that will sure to get to your loved one’s heart.

5. Pizza

Who doesn’t like Pizza? That is somewhat a universal language of love. You can opt to go out to a Fancy Italian Restaurant to have some Quatro Formaggi or maybe stay in and order some pizza for some R&R. There are many flavors, sizes and prices to choose from so you can actually opt to share it with a bigger group- barkada or family!

4. Steak

If you have more to spare, then you can take your date out for a Steak Date. It is a perfect dish for a candlelight dinner and maybe some wine! This can be really expensive and the prices differ depending on the Steak grade and kind. We suggest some USDA Prime Steak or Wagyu Steak in Medium Rare and with a side of couscous or mashed potatoes. Don’t forget to top it off with some red wine!

3. Coffee and Cake

If you and your special someone loves sweets and needs your caffeine fix, then a Coffee and Cake combo is the one for you. Though you might want to visit your usual Coffee place, you may want to opt to visit a new Cafe. You can also check our some neighborhood cafe’s that offer craft coffee or that cold brew you’ve been wanting to try.

2. Burger and Milkshake

If you and your partner would like to fulfill some Riverdale fantasy, you can go to your favorite diner to get some burger and milkshake. If those juicy burgers and thick milkshakes can get into anyone’s heart, then I don’t know what will.


You can never go wrong with some Fried Chicken. Whether you want to indulge or on a diet, you can get some Andok’s Dokito Frito. It is delicious and super affordable for a romantic dinner date at home with your loved one. Valentines dates doesn’t have to be expensive kasi ang mag BF/GF lang dapat ang nagmamahal.

There are Andok’s everywhere, no sweat!

Ready for your Valentines Date? Don’t forget to wear that killer smile and that genuine heart. Happy Valentine’s Day Love Birds!





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