The 5 Most Exciting Things that Happened at the YouTube Fanfest

The YouTube Fanfest kept fans on their feet for the 4rth year around. From our local sensations to the international creators, the lineup was completely star-studded! Through this platform, fans can get upclose and personal with their idols.

This year, a lot of our homegrown sensations dominated the stage such as Janina Vela, Mikey Bustos, Ranz Kyle and Niana Guerrero, Wil Dasovich, Alodia Gosiengfiao, Michelle Dy, Pamela Swing, AC Bonifacio and Renee Dominique and was joined by the international creators D-trix, Matt Steffanina, Merrell Twins, and Sungha Jung.

5 Things What Makes Youtube Fanfest a Success

Chris Schremp, Youtube’s Director of Global Creator & Artist Development, said, “We’re delighted to host the YouTube Fanfest again in the Philippines for the fourth time to celebrate this new generation of Youtube stars. We love coming here because of Filipino fan’s energy and enthusiasm, and to see international creators and homegrown Filipino talents shine on stage.”

5 Things What Makes Youtube Fanfest a Success

Now that YouTube growth is accelerating, more people are creating their own Youtube channels and more meaningful stories about their daily lives. It takes perseverance and a lot of hard work to get this far: showcasing talent from YouTube to the main stage, and it was incredibly exciting to witness at the fanfest!

The 5 Most Exciting Things that Happened at the YouTube Fanfest

5. The booths’ visuals

5 Things What Makes Youtube Fanfest a Success

Various booths were presented within the venue. McDonald’s showcased a retro, nostalgic and old-fashioned style with a few neon lights, swings, a jukebox and a disco ball present at the booth. Fans also enjoyed some free fries while taking photos there.


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Del Monte Juice and Chews showcased a streak of Instagrammable pink and yellow lights that were pleasing to the eye. #IGotChew

4. The event’s activities

We got to experience the life of a YouTuber at booths where we could test our skills in singing, dancing, and game-playing.

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Globe and Vivo even provided a charging station for people visit whenever their phone batteries were low or drained -very helpful for those who didn’t bring every event’s essential: a powerbank.

5 Things What Makes Youtube Fanfest a Success

Since re-entering wasn’t allowed, the YouTube Fanfest offered food stands for those who wanted to chill just refuel for some much-needed energy later.

5 Things What Makes Youtube Fanfest a Success

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3. The fans’ dedication to their online heroes

Hoping to get a glimpse of their idols, fans waited for hours outside the World Trade Center to be the firsts to enjoy the booths. This proves how much YouTube content creators have captured people’s attention online. There was high energy from the moment the gates opened to the actual shows, projecting how YouTubers influence today’s youth.

5 Things What Makes Youtube Fanfest a Success

5 Things What Makes Youtube Fanfest a Success

Some fans stayed until the very end of the show to show their massive supports; some even brought banners and glowsticks!

2. Meeting our idols

A couple of days before the event, every content creator in the lineup tweeted a link to their meet-and-greet form. It was nerve-wracking waiting for the winners to be announced through email. Fans didn’t give up even when they weren’t chosen, though; a few sponsors also gave away meet-and-greets and everyone was giddy to win. The YouTube Fanfest also started a #YTFFQuiz on Twitter where those with the quickest fingers and the correct answers got to met their idols.

Here are the lucky fans who won their way to meet their idols:

it’s only been 2 days and i miss them so much 😩 #ytffph

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1. Seeing Youtubers in action

After hours of exploring and roaming around the venue, deafening cheers of fans warmly welcomed the content creators during their appearances on stage. YouTubers showcased their talents and made the audience enjoy their night filled with music, dance and amusement.

5 Things What Makes Youtube Fanfest a Success

The opening acts played a couple of games with their audience and kept them filled with excitement until the main show. YouTube stars planned their collabs on stage, such as Matt Steffanina and D-trix dancing to Sungha Jung’s arrangement of best notes.

To the #TeamBahay or didn’t get the chance to see their idols up close, YTFF is generous and did another online streaming for them to watch live, even in the comforts of their home.

We’d like to thank YouTube Fanfest, Globe Telecom, Vivo and Strategic Works, Inc. for making this event possible! #YTFFPH. 

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