5 Easy Ways To Lose Weight

Have a hard time sticking to a rigorous diet and exercise regimen? You don’t have to completely go cold turkey immediately. These few alterations to your usual routine can already help shed off those pounds.

3 simple ways to step up food game exercise

5. Don’t skip on breakfast. Gorging on a 300-calorie breakfast actually helps you lose weight more, because you don’t tend to overeat later in the day.

4. Make room for dessert. This could help you with dieting — small daily indulgences later on in the day can motivate you even more to diet in various parts of the day. For example, consuming healthy meals with less calories early in the day can leave just enough room for a piece of chocolate at night without overdoing it.

3. Get the “regular” sizes when ordering fast food. When you’re used to buying larger portions when ordering at your favorite fast food joint, downsizing your order to “regular” or small can work wonders.

2. Go for a 20-minute run every day. To squeeze in exercise during your busy day, 20 minutes of pounding the pavement is all you need to stave off those pounds.

1. Eat your veggies. Fruits and vegetables actually help you feel fuller, longer throughout your day.


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