5 Date Ideas For The #TeamBahay Couple

Whether you just don’t have the budget, or both of you are homebodies, who says that you have to miss out on Valentines Day just because you’re at home? Here are some DIY date ideas for the #teambahay couple.

5. Cook yourselves a fancy candlelight dinner

With the surge in popularity of food videos on social media, pretty much anyone can be a cook now! And chances are, majority of the ingredients already live in your kitchen cupboard. Whip up some hearty, home-cooked meals for you and your loved one and dine under the candlelight. You can check out these recipes that’s good for any occasion.

4. Turn your porch/balcony/living room into the perfect romantic setup.

Team Bahay date

A fancy but expensive restaurant? Who needs that? A setting worthy of a movie could be found right in your very home. Make use of your surroundings: if you have a garden or an outdoor porch, that could lend for a rustic setting, while a living room could mimic the interiors of a posh hotel. You can even scatter roses and tea candles from the gate to your table for a sweet surprise!

3.  Put on a romantic comedy.

emma stone -ryan gosling la la land

Instead of shelling out for a movie, pop on a rom-com that you haven’t seen in a long time, is a huge favorite of yours or your loved one, or a total classic. Personal recommendations? 50 First Dates, How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days, and Crazy, Stupid Love!

2. Gather a bouquet out of flowers from the garden.

Why shell out for an expensive bouquet when you can pick flowers from your own garden? (Or your neighbor’s… we won’t tell, promise.) Hand-picked flowers beat arranged bouquets any day.

1. Play board games under the stars.

Lay a blanket over the ground for some star-gazing and get out the wine, chips, and some board games! It’s a fun way to let you bond and bring out your competitive side, and the wine surely helps in making you feel bold!

Thoughts on this? Are you staying in for Valentine’s Day?


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