True Stories: Job Seekers Share Their Hilarious Recruitment Moments

Back in the day, applying for a job wasn’t complicated.


Unless the Jeepney you’re in asks to swing by a gas station when you’re already late for the interview.

From the stark contrast of EDSA and state of traffic then and now to the way we handle and give out our resumes (which is now digital and done in the comfort of our home) there has been a huge evolvement in the recruitment process.

VXI recruitment

Who else can relate?

One constant thing in the recruitment, though, is that there will always be these hilarious stories to tell after going through intensive recruitment process!


Only to feel this way after 3 months at work!

Here are some REAL stories by some of my friends, for a few laughs here and there. 🙂

“The Weird Interviewer”


But… Strict ang parents ko eh… 



Because time is gold.


Elevator Battle


Sorry, we’re closed


These bloopers would never change is our occasional hilarious interviews. However, the recruitment process will continue to evolve as workers essentially want freedom nowadays. They know what they want and they know what to do. For them – or anyone, actually – opportunities must be limitless.

Most importantly, it’s your attitude and skills matter most.


Do you have funny recruitment stories to share? Let me know by joining our discussion here.