5 Changes You Should Make in Your Lifestyle If You Want to Lose Weight

I grew up in Thailand where a lot of my high school friends took what they called ‘Bangkok pills’ – illegal diet pills containing harmful substances that seemed to be effective because they lost weight so quickly. Little did we know that the reason why they were losing weight so quickly is because the pills were damaging their organs – and it didn’t look nice.

Since the 90’s, the government has been struggling to fight illegal slimming products that may contain harmful substances to one’s health, such as amphetamine and sibutramine. Having seen the negative effects of such products, I am here to encourage you to look for slimming products that actually benefit your health and provide good side effects instead of bad ones.

For someone who is desperate to lose weight 1) extremely fast, 2) without exercise, and 3) without diet, ILLEGAL slimming products may sound heaven-sent. They promise you will lose about 10-20 pounds in just a week without exercising and without dieting, but trust me: this is too good to be true.


If you want to lose weight, you have to work for it. It doesn’t mean you have to dedicate your whole life to dieting and exercising, but it does mean you need to make certain changes in your lifestyle.

5 Changes You Should Make in Your Lifestyle If You Want to Lose Weight

5. Eat properly.

Eating properly is the most important thing on any weight loss journey. Don’t worry. You don’t need to starve yourself just so you can shed some pounds; you just need to make sure that you eat well-balanced meals everyday. Incorporate vegetables, fruits and healthy protein in every meal because: the healthier, the better.

4. Exercise regularly.

There’s no need for extensive exercises and workouts, either; just a regular routine every day will do the trick. Not only will you lose weight this way, but you will also become stronger as time goes by.


3. Sleep for at least 6 hours every night.

Ideally, you should sleep for about 6 to 8 hours every night. With the right amount of rest and sleep, your body can repair any damage and rev up your metabolism to give you enough energy the following day.

2. Let go of bad habits.

Vices like illegal drugs, cigarettes and excessive drinking can make you gain weight and weaken your body. Let them go or at the very least cut down on the vices before you go cold turkey.

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1. Detox and cleanse regularly.

This doesn’t just promote weight loss; it also makes rids you body of toxins and waste. You can easily detox your body by eating fruits and vegetables everyday. Conversely, you can rely on supplements with natural ingredients or certain juice drinks to aid you in proper cleansing!

Always remember that the cliche ‘Health is Wealth’ is something that needed to be taken seriously. No one deserves to be in bad health because of fake and illegal products containing harmful ingredients! So, next time you want to purchase something, make sure you do it at a reputable drug store or supermarket.

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If anyone knows or suspects that a product, medicine or supplement is deemed fake and illegal, contact the authorities and report your concern.

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