5 Celebrity Moments We Loved at the AnneKulit Concert

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She started 2018 by conquering the London Marathon. Then she went on to star opposite to Dingdong Dantes at Sid & Aya. Then she immortalized the character of heroine Nina Manigan through the blockbuster hit Buy Bust, which was also critically acclaimed in International Film Festivals. Now, fresh from her success, Anne Curtis-Smith sealed her title as the Philippine’s Concert Sweetheart with a third concert, AnneKulit: Promise, Last Na ‘To.

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This is the first time that I watched her perform live. Everyone knows that she is a natural charmer and although, yes, she is not the best singer in the industry; she surely captivated her audience’s heart with her sincerity and pure heart.

Anne has definitely come a long way in her 21 years in the business. Honestly, from someone who is really not a singer, I must say, she really gave her all in this concert. I cannot think of a dull moment during the entire event and if you are to ask me what the main highlight of her concert is, I cannot tell you a particular one. For those who want to get a glimpse of the best moments from her concert, here’s a list of what you just missed.

5 Celebrity Moments We Loved at the AnneKulit Concert

Shopee Surprised Her with a Message from Chubi Del Rosario

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Chubi Del Rosario, Anne’s first boyfriend and apparently first and last loveteam, surprised her with a short yet sweet message courtesy of Shopee. Actually, Chubi was supposed to make a live appearance at Anne’s concert, but the video greeting was enough to surprise the actress.

Showdown with Sarah Geronimo

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Anne and Sarah have been good friends for years and only now did I know that Anne Curtis actually judged Sarah Geronimo when she joined a singing contest on TV. They danced to Sarah’s hit songs and they were equally charming. We’re actually hoping for more performances of the two gorgeous performers – maybe in ASAP soon?

Jamming with the Legendary Aegis

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Aside from watching Anne for the first time, this was also the first time that I watched Aegis perform live and it totally gave me goosebumps. They are amazing and thank God, Anne Curtis-Smith didn’t disappoint us during her production number with Aegis.

Anne’s Emotional Performance of ‘Never Enough’

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This particular segment almost made me tear up. Despite her success and status, Anne is still a dreamer. Her journey to where she is today was not easy. During her 21 years in showbiz, we have all seen her struggle, work hard, pray, and do her best. She deserves everything that she has now because she never stopped reaching for her dreams. Now, she is paying it forward with her Dream Machine Foundation.

Her Tribute to Hubby Erwan Heussaff

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In this world full of pretensions and unfaithfulness, it is rare to see a love as pure and sincere as Anne and Erwan’s. During Anne’s tribute to her supportive husband, you could really see true love in their eyes. During the closing number, there was another kilig moment when Erwan went up on stage to kiss his wife and whisper the words ‘I’m proud of you’ to her.

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This woman, an epitome of the modern-day successful girl boss inspires many people to keep dreaming. She is not just your typical artista because she uses her influence well. She is someone that will always be loved not just because of her effortless sense of humor but because she is just like everyone else: human. And in this changing world, a little dose of sunshine in the form of Anne Curtis-Smith is always welcome.

Thank you so much to Shopee Philippines for giving us this AnneKulit experience!