5 Celebrities We Think You Should Follow on Snapchat

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have been around for a while and now, we are all getting addicted to Snapchat. Taking photos and videos and sharing them instantly is something that everyone loves. It is like a live album of your adventures that is fun to look at after the days end. And now you can save them permanently, too!

If you just joined Snapchat like me, here are some of the celebrities that you have to follow!

5 Celebrities You Should Follow on Snapchat

5. Kim Kardashian-West (kimkardashian)

I know, it might be a little late to follow Kim. You may already be one of the few thousands to see her ‘controversial’ snaps, but heck, there are more reasons to follow her. You can see her OOTDs, behind-the-scenes of shoots, cute snaps of North West and the Kanye.

8 Celebrities you should follow on Snapchat

4. Justin Bieber (rickthesizzler)

Of course you’d like to see what Justin does in his spare time, right? He snaps about what happens at the Purpose Tour, takes selfies and takes some topless mirror selfies, too.

justin bieber

3. Ariana Grande (moonlightbae)

Ariana Grande loves Snapchat. Even some of her Instagram posts have Snapchat filters.

She snaps almost anything, but mostly focuses on her dogs and the dog filter.


2. Selena Gomez (selenagomez)

Currently on her Revival Tour, Selena Gomez is very active on Snapchat. She snaps during her rehearsals and backstage and posts other cute-funny things.

8 Celebrities you should follow on Snapchat

1. Kylie Jenner (kylizzlemynizzl)

The controversial lovelife, new lipkits, extending beauty products, sexy OOTDs and even make-up tutorials. You’ve gotta follow this young lady for all the awesome snaps she uploads during the day.


Snapchat lets us follow our favorite celebrities life in a, well, snap. Those fun filters and their adventures beyond the (professional) camera is something worth seeing. If you haven’t signed up yet, come join the shenanigans! You can follow wheninmanila, too! 🙂