5 Benefits of Bodycombat

We all have our favorite classes in the gym. Maria had been raving about body combat for weeks before I finally agreed to join the class with her one September Friday. And boy, was she right all along! Bodycombat is indeed a must-try workout.

An organization dedicated to health and fitness, Les Mills defines Bodycombat as a high-energy martial-arts inspired workout that is totally non-contact and doesn’t have any complex moves to master. Gone are the days when only men could take up martial arts classes to stay fit. Health enthusiasts – be it men, women, the young, and the not-so-young – can enjoy the benefits of a 2-hour workout for only 50 minutes of punching and kicking.

5 Benefits of Bodycombat

5. It’s a great alternative to dancing.

Not everyone can dance and learn how to no matter how hard we try. Motor coordination involves several practices, and drilling dancing into one’s system cannot be done overnight. However, we can certainly, albeit weakly, kick and punch. Body combat trainers also take time to show proper poses before doing a routine, making it is easier for novices to follow.

4. It’s a good exercise for the knees.

Jogging, be it on the road or treadmill, has its perks as a cardio exercise, but it can have a huge impact on your knees. Bodycombat trainers provide alternatives to difficult movements, particularly those that involve jumping and pushups. This way, even the young-at-heart can still sweat out to their heart’s’ content without endangering their health.

3. It’s a good introduction to self-defense.

Do you get off work late at night or early in the morning, and have been concerned about your safety? If you are looking for a class that can teach you how to defend yourself without having to bother with different belt colors, then Bodycombat is suitable for you. With certified instructors, you can be sure that each session will empower you both physically and mentally. 

2. It will boost your endurance.

It is a challenge to punch and kick continuously for 50 minutes, but who says you need to do it the first time? In class, the goal is to be able to use your muscles and push yourself to your limit one kick or step at a time. Before you know it, you will easily be able to finish a Bodycombat marathon and prepare yourself for the next (more challenging) level.

1. It burns a crazy amount of calories.

Bodycombat is one of the high-intensity exercises that will make you sweat out. Although this is not a fool-proof determiner of losing weight (because you tend to eat more after a session, I can personally attest to this), you will feel your body gradually changing. It is said that Bodycombat can burn up to 700 calories – not bad for an excuse to take another bite of your favorite hamburger.

With that said, Bodycombat is a superb workout for anybody who aims to lose weight, strengthen the body, and learn some moves for self-defense. Surely, you’ll miss the treadmill and your regular routine for a while, but who says that’s a bad thing?


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