5 Baby Feeding Essentials You Can Buy Online

It’s exciting for your baby to discover a new skill and eating is one of them. It is sure that you will be mesmerized by how they discover different colors, textures, and flavors.

As for me, my baby is practicing ‘baby-led weaning’, so I was super excited that she also gets to practice her grip and other developmental skills.

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As I was searching for where to get the things she needs for eating, I stumbled upon Nurserie on Instagram. It was love at first sight, I haven’t seen their products elsewhere and I knew my baby would love it too.

If you are wondering what you need to buy for your little one, here are 5 things that helped me with mine.


If you are tired of cleaning up after a fun meal, a silicone bib can help. Designed to catch the food, this bib can make feeding time easier.

Plus, it comes in super cute colors!


If there is one thing that I always use, it’s probably muslin cloths. This versatile piece can be used as a bib, bed cover, swaddle, bath towel, nursing cover, or even a blanket. It is lightweight, quick to dry, and comes in different colors and designs!


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Multi-purpose muslin blankets for you and your baby!?

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My baby likes sucking on her empty bottle and it usually ends up with terrible gas. So a dummy or pacifier is a way to go for us. But take note that you have to stop your baby from using it when they start teething.

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Snacks Container

Since my baby is crawling and is starting to walk, I came to love a snack container. She can carry it around the house without making a mess. This also helps babies in practicing their pincer grasp or how to hold things with their thumb and index finger. This container from Nurserie is foldable so it’s easy to store and you can adjust it depending on what you put inside.

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Spoon and Fork

Feeding time will never be complete without utensils. A reliable and safe spoon and fork are important for your little one, this one has safe shields so they don’t accidentally poke their throats while eating. Since these are made of silicone, it’s very easy to clean. It is anti-bacterial and you can pop it inside your UV sterilizer.


A reliable suction bowl for your little one is important. This will ensure that you get no spills during feeding especially if your baby starts to eat table food with soup. This has been very important to me because my baby likes throwing her bowl to the ground once she’s done eating and it’s a mess. These suction bowls can stick into any clean surface.


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New Product Alert! Yummie Suction Bowls will complete your little one’s meal time essentials!?

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