5 Apps That Every Student Needs in Their Life

Words by Ann De Guzman

Studying at home is hard because of all of the distractions around you. As a student, you have to be resourceful. And what better way than to have a few apps to help you pull your grades up? Here are 5 apps or extensions to add to improve your focus and help pull those grades up!



Flashcards and quizzes are a great way to actively retain and recall information. Quizlet has plenty of flashcard sets you can choose from depending on the topic or you can customize your own! Cards can range from biology quizzes to AP literature flashcards, and you can always come back to them to check your mistakes.



Writing’s really not that easy (take it from the person writing this article), but Grammarly really has your back! The chrome extension allows you to apply a digital proofreader that checks spelling, grammar, and word structure in your works and papers. This extension is perfect for essays and articles for school and can even be used in personal writings like stories and poetry.



Notion is an app that allows you to keep track of your work and progress. You can note due dates and works and keep track of what has been done and what needs to be done. Utilizing the app will allow you to stay organized as everything is online and can get quite messy like your desk on a hectic day.



This app is perfect for students who work best using the Pomodoro method. Emphasis is a timer that can be utilized to time your studies and breaks so that you keep track of how you use your time in a study session. You can also make checklists and notes on the app.


cite it now

Citations are difficult to do no matter how many papers you have written. Cite It Now is an app that helps you do just that! Whether it is MLA or APA citations, this app has got your back.

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What other apps do you think everyone should have? Let us know in the comments!

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