5 Accessorizing Tips We Could Learn from Fashion Bloggers

Fashion has many so-called rules. We don’t want to add in the many demands that supposedly have to be met just to be considered stylish or beautiful. We observed how our favorite fashion bloggers used their Sweet Charms Manila items, and listed five accessorizing tips from them. We hope you could learn from them and see them as tools, not rules. 

5.) Break the rules.

3 Laureen M UySweet Charms Manila Hall of Fame11

In this photo, Laureen Uy (@laureenmuy) posted an #OOTD of her wearing two Sweet Charms Manila bracelets. Most people would only choose to wear one. Surprisingly, Laureen still looks as stylish as ever. So next time you feel indecisive or scared that what you’re wearing might be too much, just remember to have fun!

4.) Use them to make the look more put together.

1 Kryz Sweet Charms Manila Hall of Fame2

Fashion blogger Kryz Uy (@kryzzzie) chose birth stones to fill in her Sweet Charms Manila bracelet. Because it was in the same color as the rest of our her outfit, it made her look even more put together.

3.) Make them more unique buy customizing them.

2 Sweet Charms Manila Hall of Fame7 7 Sweet Charms Manila Hall of Fame5

It’s so interesting to see what charms the fashion bloggers choose! Because you get to choose your own charms to fill up the accessories, you could choose the charms that tell your story in the best way possible. That way, your item is unique and it reminds you of something (or someone!) dear to you everytime you see it.

It’s also an ideal gift to loved ones who you want to encourage by giving a personalized gift!
sweet charms manila moms day4

2.) It doesn’t have to be pricey.

Sweet Charms Manila

With all the great qualities that Sweet Charm Manila has, I’d say it’s really affordable! I know some people who immediately think that as long as it’s sparkly and shiny, it’s expensive. But styling yourself shouldn’t be a burden. It’s supposed to be fun!

(If you want to know their actual prices, check out their social media accounts listed below!)

1.) At the end of the day, you should wear your OWN story.

Sweet Charms Manila (2 of 3)-2

Choose the charms and the style that best suit your own story and your own lifestyle. Because even as all the stylish influencers post their own outfits and accessories, what matters most is that your style becomes a form of expression for yourself.

Remember–these are just tools, not rules! What about you? What tips could you give in making your outfits look better? Let us know in the comments below!


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SCM Oval

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