400 UPLB freshmen put their math skills to the test in ‘Inter-Bloc Math Quiz 2018’


            This September 2018, around 400 freshmen from the University of the Philippines Los Baños, Laguna will compete for the title of the best bloc. This time, using only their skills in arithmetic and mathematical analysis. On September 15, the Society of Applied Mathematics of UPLB (SAM-UP), the premier organization of Applied Mathematics students in UPLB, is bringing back the Inter-Bloc Math Quiz 2018 (IBMQ 2018).

IBMQ 2018 is an annual mathematics quiz contest open to the new freshmen of the UPLB. This year, it’s action-packed rounds aim to tap students’ mathematical skills and potentials in an unconventional way through interactive questions and thrilling competition.



            On the Elimination Phase this September 5, UPLB freshmen take on a written examination with different levels of difficulty. The catch is the participants are not allowed to use measuring devices, cell phones, or even calculators in answering the challenging exam. Out of 400 hopeful freshmen, only 15 teams can advance their way to the Finals Phase.



            The Final Phase on September 15 tests the smartest of the smart among aspiring UPLB mathematicians. The Final Phase is divided into 3 rounds: the mental round where the participants would have to stretch their mind muscles to solve the problems, the pen-and-paper round where the participants are provided more challenging problems, and the jeopardy round where the remaining few battle head-on to win the cash prize of as much as 9,000 pesos.

Here, participants have the option to attack a team to earn stars, shield from an incoming attack, heal a fellow team, or loot stars from other teams by answering the BOOM question.



All UPLB freshmen can take part in IBMQ 2018. Participants can join by registering at the Math Building Lobby, online at http://bit.ly/IBMQ2018 or through text at 09951459307. For only a registration fee of 120php, UPLB freshmen can kick off their first semester at UP with a bang.

Think you got what it takes to represent your bloc? Then join now! In this tournament of numbers, will your bloc emerge victoriously?

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