4 Yoga YouTube Channels That Can Help You Find Your Center

I love Yoga. This is my favorite ‘me time.’

yoga myslim

That’s my little feet trying to find my center again. My toes are clenching, though.

Yoga is expensive to maintain. Thankfully, there are free YouTube channels you can subscribe to if you want to find your center again.


4. Cosmic Kids Yoga

If your excuse is you have children running around, well, Cosmic Kids Yoga is perfect for you. As the name implies, their Yoga tutorials are fun, colorful, and kid-friendly poses. If you can’t beat your children, let them join you! Because the family that exercises together stays healthy together!

3. Yoga Journal

Yoga has 9 different types. Yoga Journal is a straightforward tutorial YT channel perfect for beginners. If you want simple, yet informational Yoga tutorial videos, you may want to bookmark this channel now.

2. Tara Stiles

If you want to unravel the tension and calm your mind, this YouTube channel is awesome for you. Tara’s way of teaching Yoga is transparent: what you see is what you get. No frills, no fuss, no complicated positions. It’s pure and gentle, just the way it should be.

1. Yoga with Adriene

Most of the Yoga instructors sound calm and engaging. Such is Adriene. Adriene’s videos aren’t complicated and you won’t get intimidated. In one of her videos called “20 Minute Home Yoga Workout,” she kept mentioning the importance of self-satisfaction. She emphasized that it’s best to feel comfortable than to try hard and hurt yourself eventually.

Yoga has heaps of health benefits physically, emotionally, and mentally. It is perfect for people who have insomnia or been dealing with anxiety. More importantly, Yoga helps you find your inner peace or center.

These Yoga videos may appear different from each other, but they have one purpose: for us to become healthier inside and out.


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