4 Spooky Places in Metro Manila

You’d think that with the busy lights in the metro, we would have driven out all the supernatural entities that have haunted us since time immemorial. But as it turns out, some urban legends live on.

Here are just some of the places around the metro that have earned a haunted reputation.

April Fool's Manila City Hall

4. Balete Drive

Who hasn’t heard of the infamous Balete Drive? This road is home to many a story about the White Lady who appears at midnight. Lined with old Spanish houses as well as towering Balete trees, this only lends to the eerie feel at night. Drive alone if you dare.

3. Manila Film Center

The Manila Film Center, constructed during Martial Law, was a rush project spearheaded by then First Lady Imelda Marcos, that was to be the home of the 1st Manila International Film Festival. Horror struck on November 17, 1981, where hundreds of workers died. Now an abandoned building, it is believed to be haunted by the spirits of those who perished.

2.Benitez Hall, UP Diliman

The UP Diliman campus has been the star of ghost stories, but nothing else gives the creeps like the Benitez Hall, or the College of Education. As it used to be a Japanese concentration camp during World War II, Filipinos and Americans died in the very same spot where the building stands on nowadays.

1. Manila City Hall

The city hall is notorious for its peculiar shape, supposedly resembling a coffin with a cross when viewed from the top. An old building, urban legends have it that whispers coming from the walls and footsteps can be heard at night.

Any other scary places in Metro Manila? Let us know!