4 Simple Things You Can Do Everyday to Lessen Your Carbon Footprint

Did you know that by 2050, there’ll be more plastic than fish in our oceans? Because of this, companies are starting to invest in their own sustainability programs. Head and Shoulders, for one, partnered with The Plastic Solution Philippines for a beach cleanup in the shores of Subic, Zambales, where they also gave talks on waste management and ending plastic pollution.
P&G’s “Ambition 2030” aims to enable and inspire a positive impact on the environment and on society while creating value for their company and consumers. This includes a commitment that 100% of its leadership brands will enable and inspire responsible consumption; for their packaging to be 100% recyclable or reusable; and for society to benefit so that P&G packaging will no longer find its way into the ocean by 2030. 
There were 40 volunteers around the 250-meter beach front and we collected 200 kilograms of trash in 30 minutes. That’s like 5 kilograms per person (read: a lot!). Here are some ways you can lessen your footprint and join in immediately!

4 Simple Things You Can Do Everyday to Lessen Your Carbon Footprint

Stop using single-use plastic.

In the Philippines, plastic is a main concern blocking drainage, polluting our oceans, and messing up the environment. 

Practice proper waste management.

Did you know that segregating your trash makes it easier to find objects that can be recycled? This will, in turn lessen the dump on landfills.

Bring your own utensils, water bottle and reusable bags.

Changing the way you consume things everyday will positively impact the environment.

Buy products with less packaging.

Most of the packaging from brands just goes to the trash. Lessen that by educating yourself on different types of waste and support businesses that are going on a more sustainable track.

Following these simple steps everyday will not only help our environment, but will also save you more money. Living a zero waste lifestyle is not far from possible, though it does require commitment. As humans, we have the greatest responsibility to take care of Mother Nature and I hope you do your part and start living a more conscious life.

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