4 Signs That Might Mean It’s Time To Break Up

These are four things to consider to know whether you’re just going through a rough patch or it’s time to call it quits.

Angry Anger Yelling Shouting

4. Fighting has become the norm for both of you.

Though it’s normal for couples to fight, and couples may go through a rough patch, fighting is not their default setting. You fight so much that you don’t remember a time you didn’t, and you’ve already convinced yourself that fighting is just one of those things that happen every day. Constant bickering means that issues continue to be unresolved.

3. Your partner does not listen to you anymore.

Similar to the one above, issues that you fight about continue to be unresolved because one is not willing to listen to the other. When your partner does not listen to you, it means that he’s already zoned out every time you open your mouth. This isn’t about compromise anymore; he just wants to win the argument.

2. You fantasize about dating other people.

Though again, it’s normal to be physically attracted to other people, no one who’s in a happy relationship will be tempted to stray. Not only are you physically attracted to another person, you even fantasize dating other people you meet — which means that you have already subconsciously clocked out of your relationship and you’re exploring other options.

1. You’re apathetic about each other.

On one hand, you’re at each other’s throats, on the other, you’re pretty much apathetic about each other. You don’t ask how your partner’s day went anymore, you don’t miss each other when you’re apart, and you honestly can’t remember the last time you’ve been happy for your partner.

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