4 Fun Shows and Movies to Watch That Are Full of Empowered Women

Who doesn’t love watching empowered women on screen? Whether you’re in need of some motivation or are simply looking for someone relatable, a lot of HBO GO’s titles are filled with strong and resilient women to look up to. Here are some of our favorite titles to watch on HBO GO right now.

4 Fun Shows and Movies to Watch That Are Full of Empowered Women

And Just Like That…

HBO GO And Just Like That Empowered Women

Photo from HBO GO

And Just Like That… is back with a second season! Premiering weekly on Thursdays, the 11-episode season brings back women with drastically different life stories and although some of their choices in life may be questionable, they do remind us that it is human to make (a lot of) mistakes and that there’s nothing we can really do but bounce back from them.

Everything Everywhere All at Once

HBO GO Everything Everywhere All at Once Empowered Women

Photo by Allyson Riggs

It’s hard to explain to someone what the movie Everything Everywhere All at Once is all about but I believe it’s best to jump right in without any expectations. The movie actually took home seven awards at the 95th Academy Awards, and it did with for a reason. It is unique and just downright amazing. If you feel like your life isn’t going anywhere and are starting to take things for granted, you’re guarantted to bawl your eyes out while watching this film. It will also make you start thinking about alternate universes (if you haven’t yet).

Ocean’s 8

HBO GO Oceans 8 Empowered Women

Photo from Warner Bros.

Love action titles? Ocean’s 8 is a star-studded all-female heist movie that still encapsulates the spirit of the Ocean’s franchise. The difference is that Ocean’s 8 exudes glamour, sophistication, clever plans, sleek fashion, and a delicious twist at the
end – a really fun watch for some true-blue girl power.

Sucker Punch

HBO GO Sucker Punch Empowered Women

Photo from Warner Bros.

Another fun, action-packed movie that’s full of girl power is Sucker Punch. If fantasy is your thing, you’ll love this surreal, visually striking film. And did we mention directed and co-written by Zack Snyder? It’s a great escape from the real world that you’re either really gonna love or really gonna hate.

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