4 Restaurants that Will Transport You to Another Country

One of the magic that food has on our tastebuds is its ability to bring us back to the people we were once with, and places we have once been to. Here are four restaurants that will give your tastebuds a trip to a place outside the country in just one sitting, allowing you to experience what it feels like to dine overseas through the food that they serve!

4 Restaurants that Will Transport You to Another Country

4. Roy Funtabla and Katherine Mendoza of Soi

Owner of Cabalen Group, Michael De Vera frequents Thailand so often that he has fallen in love with their cuisine. With the help of their Thai chef, he opened up Soi. Soi is a Thai term that refers to the side streets that branch off the main roads. Roy Funtabla, the area manager for Soi, shares that these streets are usually full of small restaurants.


What sets Soi apart from other Thai restaurants is that, aside from having their own Thai chef, most of the ingredients that they use are imported directly from Thailand. Roy also says that they really studied Thai cuisine in order to provide the most authentic Thai experience to their customers. Soi values three thingsL the quality of their food and service, the cleanliness of the place, and the way their staff treats their customers. Roy says these factors are what make them successful.

3. Sean Fariñas of Dillingers 1903 Steak and Brew

Sean Fariñas used to work at a large corporation as an Account Excutive, which entailed him to talk to bar and restaurant owners. He says this gave him an advantage in starting his own resto-bar, Dillingers 1903. This was his first venture into business, and from then on, he became a partner at a club in BGC and at a gym in Metrowalk. Dillingers 1903 serves American dishes, like steak and buffalo wings. They also have a secret bar, called “Prohibition”, behind a door.


One thing that he says he learned from working in the corporate world is having good work ethics. His job requires him to stay past working hours to get the job done, after all. Aside from that, part of having good work ethics is having good synergy with their partners. Sean says that choosing a partner is like doing a puzzle. They make sure that they pick the right one in order to make their business more successful.

2. Therese Galang of The Porch by Casa Verde

Similar to Casa Verde, The Porch is an American restaurant that gives off a country vibe with its homey interiors. Marketing Manager Therese Galang says that the owners wanted to open a new restaurant that has the same menu as Casa Verde but with a different ambiance and type of service. Since people are familiar with Casa Verde, they decided to include it in the name of The Porch.


The difference between The Porch and other American restaurants in the country is that they not only present you with American dishes, but with American serving sizes, as well. Therese says that they make sure that their customers get their money’s worth, not just with the price of their food, but with its quality, as well.

1. Marta Uriarte Urra of La Tienda

Started by her grandfather, Raul Urra, La Tienda serves authentic Spanish cuisine. It started as a cafe in 1986, which they turned into a restaurant. Having been in the industry for a long period of time, the restaurant’s popularity extends beyond its loyal Filipino patrons, attracting visiting tourists from all over the world. 


Marta is the Operations Manager working hand in hand with the Marketing Head, Andrea Urra Tonda, of this family-owned business. They make sure to be very hands-on with it. Marta believes this is the reason why people keep coming back.

La Tienda literally means “The Store,” so it’s no surprise that they have a gourmet store inside that sells homemade artisan chorizo, chistorras, bread, Spanish wine, and other products that are imported from Spain. It’s not just a restaurant; it’s also a place where you get to feel the Spanish vibe, with the aroma of spices from the store and the Spanish painted plates that they sell.

Restaurants are not just places we go to for food, they’re also a destination we visit to remind us of a place, of people, and of the story that goes with it!

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