4 Reasons Why You Should Watch FEU Theater Guild’s ‘Usapang X’

Usapang X is a UP Curtain Call Award-winning play written and directed by Dudz Teraña. The piece gives a humorous and refreshing view of what real people do inside the comfort of their bathrooms.


Usapang X

It is set to happen this week, and is perfect for not just the artsy bunch, but also for those who want to experience something visually appealing. The show dates are on February 23 and 26, 8pm, at the College of Saint Benilde Black Box. You should not miss this event! Let me give you a four reasons why.

4 Reasons Why You Should Watch FEU Theater Guild’s ‘Usapang X’

4. It exhibits live art.

For a change, skip the usual movie date! Try to experience art as a live medium, wherein you get to see how the actors embody their roles. The theatre is the best place for you to reflect, and awaken your creative senses. With Usapang X’s, incredible story, you will be transported into an innovative world, which you can only witness once.

3. It has a unique setting.

The Toilet. A play set in the toilet. How incredible is that? Usapang X is able to symbolize what people do in the comfort of their bathrooms. It will make you feel the pressures of society and make you realize that maybe the toilet is the only place to escape that.

2. It showcases pure talent.

Personally, I’ve always been a fan of thespians. They do their craft excellently without any extra takes, camera tricks or even stunt doubles. So if you want to define the real meaning of acting? Watch a theatre play filled with young and creative artists.

1. It tackles taboo issues we need to address

The play tackles various social taboos like cheating, discrimination, suicide, pre-marital sex, homosexuality, and so on. It opens up Pandora’s Box of sensitive issues, to expose people and raise their awareness of the various concerns that might belong to others or to them. The play encourages people to tackle and deal with certain issues no matter how sensitive instead of keeping it bottled in.

Are these 4 solid reasons enough? Watch the play and add more!

Far Eastern University Theater Guild


February 23 and 26, Monday and Thursday, 8PM
College of Saint Benilde Black Box, 6F

Php 150.00



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