4 Reasons Why Wanderland Remains To Be People’s Favorite Music Festival

It’s Coachella season and while we are still dying to have something similar, Wanderland still remains to be top of mind when it comes to Music Festivals. We’ve been covering Wanderland for years now and it still looks and sound great. Here are some reasons why it is still an undisputed contender:


Though there are many concerts in the Philippines, Wanderland always showcases unique acts. In the past year, Wanderland brought Lany, Honne, and The TingTings. This year they brought Daniel Ceasar, Jeane Aiko, FKJ, Kodaline and etc. Though tFKJ already participated in a music festival in Palawan, it is the first time in this magnitude.

June Marieezy and FKJ Photo by Jeng Del Rosario of @foodinthebag


Aside from great music, Wanderland is also the home of local street artists. This 2018, artists helped spice up the venue with art installations and graffiti.

Wanderland Art Installations | Photo by Jeng Del Rosario of @foodinthebag


The crowd also makes Wanderland what it is today. Aside from thought leaders, the music festival crowd is also a place to meet different kinds of people from all walks of life. It ranges from teenagers to titas and to families!

Wanderland Music and Arts Festival Karpos Multimedia Stephanie Chan


Every year, Wanderland gets bigger and better. The music festival sets the bar of what to watch out for every year. With 2018’s pixel theme and amazing acts, we are wondering what’s next.

Jhene Aiko | Photo by Jeng Del Rosario of @foodinthebag

Were you at any Wanderland Festivals in the past years? What was your favorite acts?

Jess Connelly | Photo by Jeng Del Rosario of @foodinthebag

Wanderland Music Festival




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