4 Mistakes to avoid when going on your first trip abroad


Admiring the view around Bromo, Indonesia

Traveling abroad for the first time can be exciting but it can be filled with anxiety as well. The idea of not knowing what to do from the time you fall in line at the immigration area until you actually embark on your big adventure can be daunting to some. Moreover, it can be worrying that you might make certain mistakes on the trip that can either be costly or can destroy the vibe. To avoid these, we listed a few mistakes that you should already learn about now so you won’t be committing then on your first trip abroad.

4. Forgetting your passport

You need your passport to get through airport security, pass the immigration area, board your plane, and exit on your country of destination. However, with all the packing, it might be one of the things you forget. So, make sure that you double check that you have it before leaving your house. Traveling around the country of your destination makes you susceptible to losing your passport. To avoid this, it is best to secure it inside the travel purse that you always bring with your person. Keep in mind that your passport is your most essential form of identification when traveling so don’t forget or lose it.

3. Not bringing a universal power adapter

Different countries are likely to have different power sockets. So, your usual power plug might not be compatible with the electric socket of the country you are visiting. To ensure that you can still charge all your gadgets and gizmos, always bring a universal power adapter. Sometimes, hotels have power adapters you can borrow but just to be sure, it is best to bring your own.

2. Not verifying if your phone will work abroad

Your phone is your lifeline to your home when you travel abroad. Although you may wish to disconnect, it is important for safety purposes to have a phone that works all the time when traveling. So, before you leave, make sure that your phone will work on your country of destination. Check SIM card and bandwidth compatibilities. Moreover, make sure you turn on the roaming capability of your phone before you leave if it doesn’t turn on automatically.

1. Not changing your money to the local currency

Not all countries have money changers all over the place. Moreover, not all establishments in your destination accept credit cards. Although it helps to have a credit card, the best way to spend is to have the local currency. So, before you leave, have a few of your money changed to the local currency already. This is helpful in a way that you might need to spend already right when you land like booking a taxi to the hotel or grabbing a bite once you reach your destination. Additionally, it is easier to have your money changed at home because some countries might not accept the local currency from your home country. Another way to have your money changed is right at the airport but the exchange rates might be a bit lower.

Any other tips we should add for first-time travelers? Share them with us!