4 Halloween Ideas For The Scaredy-Cat

We scaredy-cats hate creepy, crawly, and downright spooky figures. But who says we can’t enjoy Halloween? Here are just some of the halloween ideas non-horror fans can do, if ghost hunting isn’t your style.


4. Trick-or-treating

Resorts World's Halloween Kids' Fair Trolls Movie

Who says trick-or-treat is just for children? The tradition of collecting candy is something people of all ages can enjoy! You can set one up with your friends, or go around the different places in Manila that have trick-or-treat parties.

3. Attend a Halloween party

Creepy halloween party

There are so many choices to celebrate Halloween parties in Manila. Different night clubs offer their own take on the Halloween parties, where people are dressed to the nines in their different outfits that can range from scary to funny to glamorous.

2. Go to a magical event (quiz night)

if partying in costume isn’t your thing, why don’t you try a more intimate setting? Halloween-themed quiz nights are best done for those who want a quieter event. As people join weekly quiz nights anyway, there are Halloween-themed quiz nights (we like Harry Potter, best!) to suit your fancy.

1.Do a movie marathon


Who says movie marathons have to be all horror? Here, we brought you a list of non-scary movies that are perfect for Halloween!

Thoughts on this? What are you doing for Halloween?


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