4 Gift Ideas for Your Techie Family This Christmas

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It’s only a little more than a month before the holidays. Are you done wrapping everyone’s presents or still thinking what to get your family for Christmas? If you’re still undecided, then we’re here to rescue you.

Coming from a family where everyone is considered a techie might be a little tricky when it comes to buying gifts. You know they’re eyeing a device, but you’re not entirely sure if it’s the 13-inch or 15-inch one. Or, maybe, they want something but are still hemming and hawing on which ones to get.

Well, don’t worry, here are our picks to help you make everyone in the family merry this Christmas.

For Your Dad Who Wants to Relax

Is your dad a couch potato who loves to watch movies and TV series at home? You might want to give him something that will make his viewing experience even more awesome. Maybe a 4K projector to beef up the home theater?

If you want to see your dad’s eyes light up this Christmas, we recommend you check out Acer’s H7850ST 4K Projector, which will surely scale up his entertainment options.

Acer H7850 4K Projector

For Your Artistic Mom

Now if you have a creative mom, someone very artsy and loves to delve into all the imaginative things out there, then it might be fun to give her something cool to work on her art projects. Let her feel the love this Christmas by getting her a new convertible laptop that she can use in her free time. Yes, that’s right! You can get her an Acer Spin 5 paired with an Active Stylus Pen for her doodles, sketches, and whatnots.

Acer Spin 5

For Your Hardcore Gamer Brother

If you have a gamer brother who, after returning home from school or work, immediately fires up his computer to play, then you’d be happy to know that there’s something out there that will forever change his gaming life, and it’s worth every penny. No doubt you’ll become his favorite sibling, if not already when you give him a new Acer Predator 15 that comes with a 7th Generation processor and GTX 1060 graphics card.

Acer Predator 15 G9 593

For Your Sister Who Sets Trends

For that stylish sister of yours, who you usually ask for fashion advice or borrow clothes from, you might like to give her something that will match her favorite ensembles. There’s the new Acer Swift 5 in town that your sister will surely adore. You can give her the 13.3-inch version for that lightweight and portable device with a punch that she can carry around wherever she goes. If she also loves to travel, this one’s absolutely perfect for her.

Acer Swift 5

What other gift ideas do you have there? Share it with us!