4 Films You Should Definitely Watch in this Year’s ‘Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino’

Words by John Peter Himor

It’s August and more than the time of exciting concerts and conventions, it’s also the month of Filipino cinema! Other than this year’s much-awaited Cinemalaya, another film festival that we are really excited for is the Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino 2018. This year’s PPP opened August 15th and will run until August 21st. During this week, only the shortlisted Filipino movies will be shown in theaters nationwide. What better way to celebrate August’s Buwan ng Wika than an appreciation for Filipino craftsmanship in cinema?

We hope you are as excited as we are about scheduling movie dates with loved ones this month! Here are the four movies from PPP that we will surely watch this August and that you should, too:

4.  Pinay Beauty (She’s No White)

What would you say to your beautiful morena friend who wanted to look less like Moana and a bit more like Snow White? Chai Fonacier stars in Pinay Beauty, a satire on the Filipino obsession for the Western standard of beauty and the extreme measures people go through to achieve that standard. Directed by Jay Abello, Pinay Beauty also stars Edgar Allan Guzman and Janus del Prado.

Why you should watch it: With its commentary on colorism and unreachable beauty standards, Pinay Beauty touches on the importance of self-love and acceptance, especially for Filipinas who remain pressured to achieve Western looks. The film also looks like a fun barkada comedy you’ll enjoy watching with your friends!

3. Madilim ang Gabi

Madilim ang Gabi offers a personal viewpoint of two parents entangled in the government’s drug war when their son goes missing. This is going to be a hard but important movie to watch—an eye-opener about the current state of the nation. Expect a lot of violence in the film but also, quite possibly, a lot of tears. Madilim ang Gabi is directed by Adolfo Borinaga Alix, Jr. and stars Gina Alajar and Phillip Salvador.

Why you should watch it: Madilim ang Gabi ties the relevant and sensitive issues of society with the universal theme of a parent’s love to tell its important story. This movie was also an official selection to the Toronto International Film Festival last year, so you’re sure to get your money’s worth when you go see it.

2. Bakwit Boys


It’s not a film festival without a feelsy musical. Bakwit Boys is the story of four probinsyano boys who just might find their big break when they team up with a city girl. A movie of romance, hope, and good music, Bakwit Boys is directed by Jason Paul Laxamana and stars Devon Seron, Nikko Natividad, and Vance Larena. It also features the fresh faces of Mackie Empuerto and Ryle Santiago.

Why you should watch it: Go and watch Bakwit Boys for what we suspect will be a great soundtrack with original songs and renditions of classic Filipino favorites. This is going to be a nice feel-good movie filled with values of brotherhood and reaching your dreams.

1. Ang Babaeng Allergic sa Wifi

Ang Babaeng Allergic sa Wifi is the teenage romance I never knew I needed. Sue Ramirez stars in this movie where she suffers from a rare allergy to Wi-Fi and is forced to have an offline and long-distance relationship with her boyfriend. How will their romance flourish in the absence of technology? Ang Babaeng Allergic sa Wifi is directed by Jun Robles Llana and also stars Jerome Ponce and Jameson Blake.

Why you should watch it: Ang Babaeng Allergic sa Wifi is a cute and fun take on the rom com’s tried-and-tested formula of boy in love with girl in love with boy. Hopefully, this movie could give some ideas to the couples out there in making their romance a bit more traditional and personal. With its subtle but clear depiction of this generation’s fanaticism of technology, Wifi may also give our youth a double take on their own FOMO.

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Which movie are you excited to watch in this year’s Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino? Comment them down below!