4 Exciting Ways to Spend Summer in Sapporo City

Japan is one of my dream places to visit this year. It has been on my bucket list for years already. And this summer, this is how you must spend Summer in Sapporo City!

4. Sapporo Lilac Festival – An Early Summer Event That Sapporo Citizens Eagerly Await


Odori Park May 17–28, 2017
Kawashimo Park Late May 27–28, 2017

The Sapporo Lilac Festival began in 1959, and the lilac was designated the tree of Sapporo the following year. Many citizens eagerly look forward to this festival, marking the end of a long winter and the start of a warmer season when you can enjoy strolling and eating outdoors. Odori Park has about 400 lilac trees, and on the first day of the festival, lilac seedlings are given away to visitors. There is also a music festival, an outdoor tea ceremony, and a stamp rally. The wine garden serves dishes made with Hokkaido ingredients and locally produced wines. A variety of events are held in the lilac forest of Kawashimo Park in Sapporo’s Shiroishi Ward, such as the Shimokawa Park concert, guided tours of the lilacs and lilac-themed quiz rallies.

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3. YOSAKOI Soran Festival – Watch Powerful Dance Performances Up Close Anybody Can Join In the Dancing


June 7–11, 2017

The Yosakoi Soran Festival is an energetic dancing event based on the Yosakoi Festival of Kochi Prefecture, featuring naruko clappers and Hokkaido’s Soran Bushi folk melodies. Launched in 1992 with 10 teams and 1,000 dancers, it has developed into a major international event attracting some 30,000 dancers from Japan and abroad and approximately 200 million visitors. The main venue is Odori Park, where dances are performed both on stage and as a parade. Visitors can join in the dancing at Waodori Square and visit stalls serving dishes from around the country. Performances are also held in various other parts of Sapporo. Besides the energetic choreography, vibrant costumes and make-up are part of the festival’s attractions.

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2. Fireworks festivals held in Sapporo – A typical scene of summer in Japan—dazzling fireworks blossoming in the sky of Sapporo

sapporo summer

Hokkaido Makomanai Music Fireworks Festival July 8, 2017
Doshin UHB Fireworks Festival July 28, 2017
Moerenuma Artistic Fireworks September 9, 2017

From mid-July to the end of September, fireworks festivals are held at various locations across Sapporo. “Hokkaido Makomanai Music Fireworks Festival”, among the largest of its kind in Hokkaido with a total of 22,000 fireworks, is held in Makomanai Park. “Doshin UHB Fireworks Festival” has a history of over half a century and is held near the Toyohira River Minami Bridge in central Sapporo. Started off in 2012, “MoerenumaArtistic Fireworks” features a combination of fireworks and music.

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1. DIY-style dining under the open sky in Sapporo


Dining is one of the pleasures of traveling in Sapporo. In addition to regional specialties such as Genghis Khan mutton, ramen, and soup curry, there are several restaurants where you can enjoy cuisine made from Hokkaido ingredients. That said, eating out at a restaurant day in and day out may become tiring. When the weather is fine, there may be many people who think, “If only I could eat outside…” This time, we will introduce convenient spots for occasions where you long to enjoy dining under the open Sapporo sky.

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If you want to know more about their unforgettable ice activities, visit their website www.welcome.city.sapporo.jp.

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