4 Easy Steps To Produce Unforgettable Customer Service

When I was still very much involved in the Customer Service industry, there was a time I asked myself, what does it take to experience an unforgettable customer service? When you work with a customer service- driven company, it is right and just to be treated the same way. But, what does it really mean? Is it how fast your issue was fixed? Or the freebies you received after complaining? Sadly, not all companies really practice the mantra – “customers are always right.”

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What you don’t know is, customers are now smarter than ever. You have to know that word-of-mouth is a powerful way to either gain or lose a customer.

So, if you are a business owner, maintain your impeccable customer service by instilling these 4 easy steps:

4. Acknowledge and listen attentively

Don’t you find it annoying to repeat yourself several times just because the recipient isn’t paying attention? This scenario happens a lot over the phone – which could be really hard as you wouldn’t know if the other party is sincere or not. Thus, you must reassure the customer by saying positive words such as, absolutely, definitely, certainly, or surely. These are simple words, yet powerful.


Another way of acknowledging your customers is through sending a response via email. If you received a complaint or suggestion, whether it is a violent reaction or not, try sending a short response, saying, “thank you for your email,” or “we appreciate your feedback.” This way, you are reaffirming your customers’ feelings that not all companies are unpleasant.

3. Be reliable. Be professional.

Reliability and professionalism go hand in hand in the customer service industry. Make sure you know the parameters before promising your customers any kind of (free) service. It is always great to be trusted than to be loved, so to speak.

2. Fast response (or turnover)

Time is of the essence. However, being fast doesn’t necessarily mean, you are giving an unforgettable experience. You need to give a speedy response if you know what you are doing and if you are sure that the information you are giving is accurate. A quick (and reliable) response signifies how valuable your customers’ time is.

1. Go an Extra Mile

With how innovative and competitive companies are, you must think of ways on how to be advantageous. I will give you a tip, not all companies go the extra mile. They think being generous is another cost, wherein every satisfied customer is a sales opportunity! Do not be afraid to go the extra mile and make it a habit of providing an unforgettable customer experience.

These essential steps can definitely give your customers an unforgettable customer service experience. There may be a lot of quotes or saying about customer service, but only one works for me: “well done is better than well said.” – Benjamin Franklin.

So, what are you waiting for, collect as many “well done” feedback as you can to reassure an unforgettable customer service experience!

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