4 Easy Steps to Achieving your #KBeautyGoals

Article by Isaiah Emmanuel Suguitan (@blueiceiah) and Joselle Marie Fajardo / Photos by  Jeanne Dizon / Graphics by Joselle Marie Fajardo (@jojowselle)

The Korean culture has long stormed the Philippines. Whether it is KPOP or KFood, the Filipino people’s acceptance of it is undeniably unmatched. Agree?

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Among the things that have really struck the hearts of many Filipinos is the continuous rise of Korean dramas and actors who brought us into their fantasy world. From Song Hye Kyo of Descendants of the Sun (DOTS) to Park Shin-Hye of Doctors, watching KDramas has become a huge hit for us.

Every time we see them, we can’t express how amazed we are by their beauty! Because of this, a lot of Filipina women have started using Korean Cosmetics to achieve the same style as their idols.

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To help you fully achieve your #KBeautyGoals, here are 4 easy steps for you to follow:

4 Easy Steps to Achieving your #KBeautyGoals

STEP 1: Cleanse!

Being in a tropical country, we are always surrounded by pollutants. Add to that the high humidity levels, our skin easily becomes prone to dirt and germs that may cause acne. To avoid this, make it a habit to follow a diligent skin care routine, such as removing your makeup once you get home and washing your face with water and soap.

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STEP 2: Peel!

Korean actresses are known for having incomparable skin, especially when it comes to their faces. To help you transform your skin KStyle, try using facial peels! According to studies, the use of peeling gels is beneficial to the skin since it aids in removing dead skin cells that block your skin’s pores from absorbing your skincare products.

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STEP 3: Tone!

Are you the type of person who always wears makeup and needs extra cleaning due to sensitive skin? If so, it is advisable to apply toner on a regular basis. Not only will this remove excess oil and dirt; it will also ensure that you get on the road to an amazing transformation!

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STEP 4: Moisturize!

To cap it all of, moisturize your skin. There are tons of pollutants around us nowadays that may irritate our skin, such as excess dirt and oil. This may lead to acne and dryness. As such, moisturizing your skin would be a great way to put you on track to your #RoadToKBeauty! Also, by moisturizing regularly, you’re guaranteed of getting smooth, clear and wrinkle-free skin! Isn’t that amazing?

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Looking for a place to kick off your journey to KBeauty? Have no fear! Ra&Gowoori recently opened their first branch in TriNoMa this month. Ra&Gowoori was established in 1982 under the name SUNMI with the aim to provide high quality yet budget friendly Korean cosmetics. For more than 30 years now, it has been one of the leading Korean cosmetic brands in Asia: a testimony of their boundless dedication towards revolutionizing the cosmetics industry.

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The Ra&Gowoori Ambassadresses exemplifying the true shade of Korean Beauty! 

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YouTube Vlogger Pamela Swing in the house! 

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The opening of Ra&Gowoori’s first branch in the Philippines was a success! 


So what are you waiting for? Head to TriNoMa to bring out the inner KBeauty in you!


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