4 Don Moen Songs We Still Sing From The Heart After All This Time

Christian artist and music producer Don Moen is considered one of the pioneers of contemporary Christian music. In a Christian country like the Philippines, it’s not a surprise that Don Moen is still a resounding name in both the music industry and the Filipino Christian community.

During his concert in Manila this July 2018, it has become even more evident how his songs remain close to our hearts after all this time. It was personally a joy to see people from many generations singing songs that have become a source of inspiration and encouragement during different times of our lives.

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Don Moen is definitely an artist that creates songs that reaches through different generations. These four songs are still close to our hearts even decades after their release:

4. I Offer My Life

You may remember singing this during mass or services. It remains relevant to this day because it’s a song that allows us to realign ourselves with God, especially when we realize that we are weak and helpless without Him.

3. Give Thanks

This song has been sung even in non-religious events–you may even remember doing an interpretative dance number to this song at some school events. Why? Well, it’s simply about thankfulness. And who wouldn’t appreciate a great song that allows you to express your gratefulness for the blessings you receive?

2. God Will Make A Way

When things seem impossible to work out, this song comes to us with words of wisdom. Because when there seems to be no way, we can have faith that God can and will make a way!

1. God is Good

We don’t even need to sing this song at this point. It has been so engraved into our hearts that we’ve begun to just chant these words. It’s pretty evident as to why this song remains relevant even up to this day. Because whether we’re facing difficult times or just celebrating life, the song gives us hope and it remains true–God is good all the time, and all the time, God is good!

What’s your favorite Don Moen song? Share it with us!

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