4 Benefits of Publishing a Book for your Brand and How to Do It

Words by Howi Bakunawa and Patricia Yap
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Putting your name out there as a brand or business is difficult. With an endless chain of competition, there’s a constant need to step up your game just to even be included among other brands. 

So, as a business owner, you might be asking: “What can I do to put my business out there?”

Well, one answer is…to publish a book!

4 Benefits of Publishing a Book for your Brand and How to Do It 5

Ambidextr team member Sofia Galva (left) and Ambidextr Managing Partner Monette Quiogue (right)

Okay, hear us out: thanks to a seminar hosted by Ambidextr, we were able to learn the benefits of publishing a book for your brand/business. And here, we’re going to tell you what they are. There are a lot of benefits, and here are some of the best ones!

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4. Gain recognition in the industry 

4 Benefits of Publishing a Book for your Brand and How to Do It 1

Published Author and Ambidextr Managing Partner Ezra Ferraz

So, the question still persists: Why bother with a book? Well, first, because it sets you apart from other similar businesses. Simply having a published book does wonders for your business and/or brand’s credibility.

Secondly, there is a glaring lack of technology, business, and brand-centered books here in the Philippines. The closest thing perhaps would be self-help or autobiographical works. Publishing your book before any other similar businesses has the potential to allow both you and your business to be viewed as authority figures by other people within your industry.

3. Establish networks and connections 

4 Benefits of Publishing a Book for your Brand and How to Do It 3

Seminar attendees from different businesses discussing among each other

Ezra Ferraz, a published author and speaker at the seminar, said that a book creates a more intimate connection with its readers. And consequently, your brand can, too. 

From here, you don’t just show your presence as a brand online or through short-form content. Now, people can also view and consume you through a more physical and tangible medium. 

Going beyond author and reader connection, publishing a book also benefits your business/brand by creating a connection between authors and the people interested in selling and/or exhibiting the finished book. 

This really puts your name out there, as book launches are a great marketing strategy that is integral in the publishing process. This can further create future partnerships between authors, and similar businesses may also be created.

2. Strengthen your team and learn from each other 

4 Benefits of Publishing a Book for your Brand and How to Do It 4

Published author and former writer for Esquire Philippines Elyssa Lopez

Writing a book is not a solitary process. According to speaker and published author Elyssa Lopez, if you want to write a book, you first have to form a strong team.

The writing process isn’t simply you getting information, putting it on paper and then you’re done. It’s a process with many deliverables. Through the lengthy and taxing process of writing a book, your team develops beyond book writing.

This has a beneficial effect on your business/brand as a whole. Everyone becomes closer and it helps to develop a more cohesive process of teamwork on other projects in the future—not just books!

1. Consolidate best practices

4 Benefits of Publishing a Book for your Brand and How to Do It 6

Ambidextr team members managing the seminar

Aside from making a more organized and cohesive team, a book can organize the best practices of your business/brand itself. This is done mainly through the editing process of the book. This is the stage in which you, your team, and the editors of your book all work together to translate the more technical aspects of your business into something that is clear, well-written, and easy to understand. 

Furthermore, writing alongside a team and under a deadline ensures that the editing process is iterative; allowing constant and dynamic writing and revision throughout the book’s editing stage. 

Everything about the editing process is designed like a filter that is meant to bring out the best practices of your business and, more importantly, codify it. Just as similar as reading a book is an introspective kind of activity, writing a book gives you the opportunity to think critically about your business and hopefully bring the best practices out.

4 Benefits of Publishing a Book for your Brand and How to Do It 2

Seminar attendees from different businesses 

All-in-all, the benefits of publishing a book for your business cannot be overstated. Publishing a book creates new possibilities for your brand/business to be recognized in a way that is potentially much more memorable and engaging than all other forms of media. It also brings your team together and renders the best practices of your business clearly and more systematically. 

So, go ahead and try your hand at writing a book. You never know what wonders it can do your your business.

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