360 Fitness Club: Beyond Working Out

360 Fitness Club: Beyond Working Out360


Four years ago, 360 Fitness Club revolutionized the local fitness industry by introducing and promoting a no-machine, total circuit body workout in thirty minutes. Efficiency was the key message: you can reap the benefits of a full body, complete workout in just half an hour and without the use of machines. It changed the ballgame because it challenged the traditional understanding of going to the gym. Prior to this, people believed that one needed to spend several hours, working with weights and various machines, to achieve the level of fitness they desired.


Over twenty-five thousand individuals have tried 360 Fitness Club’s unique style of training since it introduced functional fitness regimens to the country. Now, other functional gyms have risen while established brands and gyms have adopted this training method.


360 Fitness Club has paved the way and is constantly innovating on its fitness philosophy. Being fit and healthy is not the end goal; it is the means by which we attain what we aspire to. It prepares us for something more important– our life outside of the gym.


That’s what it means to Get360Fit.


Efficient, Holistic, Dynamic


Building on our philosophy of an efficient workout, we have pushed this even further. 360 Fitness Club does not only promote an efficient regimen, but a holistic and dynamic one as well.


The training one gets at 360 Fitness Club is best suited for everyday living – simulating natural movements and addressing all muscle groups – improving your physical well-being and preparing you physically, mentally, and emotionally for an active life.


Beginning with Efficiency: 360 Fitness Club modules are short but effective, giving you a full workout in half an hour so you have more time to pursue other activities. It is also practical because it mimics natural movements. It engages your body the same way you engage it on a day-to-day basis like when you climb stairs, play with your kids, or lift heavy items like your briefcase or backpack. You become better at the things you do everyday.


Developing this philosophy further, a Holistic approach is also taken so it’s not just our member’s bodies that are getting healthy, but their minds and their spirit as well. The programs aim not just to improve the body, but also to instill discipline and focus. Group classes and wellness talks create a fun atmosphere that encourages members to push themselves further while the programs adjust to your fitness level as you get stronger. 360 Fitness Club’s coaches help members set goals for themselves. The goal is not just to be physically prepared for life’s challenges– the goal is to be physically, mentally, and emotionally equipped to face them head on.


360 Fitness Club believes that a fitness regimen must adapt and progress with the individual. This is where being Dynamic comes in. The circuit program changes every three months to accommodate the growth of the individual. New group classes are also introduced periodically. For a program to be effective, it has to change as your body and mind changes. It has to evolve to keep challenging you, so you can become the best that you can be.


Get360Fit / Gear Up for Life


How ready are you for life?


That’s the question 360 Fitness Club is preparing all our members to answer confidently and with self-assurance. As our training programs progress and evolve with the individual, our fitness philosophy evolves as well. We understand that fitness and health are keys to achieving our goals and to live better lives- not just because we become physically equipped to handle challenges, but because we become mentally prepared and emotionally ready to face them as well.


As we say at 360: “We are in love with fitness. We believe in setting goals and constantly beating our personal records. We need to keep challenging ourselves and maximizing our potentials. Continuously trying to become the best version of ourselves is our never-ending goal. We are in love with fitness, because fitness is our way of life.”



360 Fitness Club: Beyond Working Out