360 Degrees: Home of Mini Sushi Tacos and The Sushi Slice

There have been lots of versions of the classic sushi, especially in the community quarantine where most of us are spending time experimenting in the kitchen. The current global situation gave birth to the sushi bake and it instantly became a viral sensation.

Now, it seems there’s another sushi dish that’s about to steal the spotlight. 360 Degrees is now offering the sushi slice! It’s a pizza-inspired version of sushi.

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Photo by 360 Degrees

So, it seems that you can now get sushi in three shapes: round, rectangle, and now, in a triangle!

360 Degrees is a start-up food business that was established in the midst of the lockdown by very young entrepreneurs: Eunice and Jamillah Zoleta, 21 and 14 years old, respectively. They share with WhenInManila.com that it all began with cravings for Japanese food combined with restrictions due to the quarantine; so they decided to create their own.


Photo by 360 Degrees

They started with sushi bake, but with Eunice’s biochemistry background, she couldn’t resist experimenting with food more and more. So, they came up with two more innovative products: their Mini Sushi Tacos and the newly released Sushi Slice. Who knew there could be so many ways to enjoy sushi?


Photo by 360 Degrees

The Mini Sushi Tacos and Sushi Bake come in two flavors: Classic and Salmon; while the Sushi Slice comes in three flavors: Classic Kani, Crunchy Salmon, and Ebi Bites.

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360 Degrees also takes pride in the premium and quality ingredients that they use to create their innovative dishes. You can really taste it at first bite!

They also enjoy creating new things that can satisfy any craving.

360 Degrees also just released a new sushi bake flavor: Classic Truffle.

But wait, there’s more. There’s also something for those with a sweet tooth.
Their Choco Crunch and Matcha Crunch are potato chips coated in chocolate and green tea matcha. Best of sweet and salty worlds.


Photo by 360 Degrees

You better follow 360 Degrees on social media because they’ll keep creating unique products for sure. Who knows, the next food trend might be from 360 Degrees and you could be the first to try it!

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