32 Filipino Startups That Will Make You Proud to be Pinoy

22. What the Box


What the Box has been around for the past two years. It was started by two geeks who wondered why there weren’t any geeky subscription boxes here similar to the ones found abroad. To alleviate the customers’ worries about getting items that they might not like, What the Box stands out from international subscription boxes in that each and every single box is personalized according to the customers’ preferences. Plus, you don’t have to subscribe monthly; just order a box when you like the month’s theme. What the Box is also open to suggestions and recommendations. They also rush boxes in case of special occasions, and you can order past themes in case you missed them.

21. Mr. Sunshine Flowers and Gift Packages, @mrsunshine_only


Mr. Sunshine Flowers and Gift Packages is a unique online gift shop in the Metro that provides the following services at reasonable prices: Personalized Flower Arrangements, Personalized Gift Packages, and Wedding Entourage and Packages/Styling. “In each and every product we create, we make sure to capture the thoughts and sentimentality you want your loved ones to feel and think of once they get a hold of it,” they explain. “We think of our creations as “Rays of Sunshine” that could bring brightness and happiness to peoples’ lives. We do not just provide material objects or random gifts; we craft memories and lingering emotions.” The best part? They customize every single detail according to your specifications and liking because everyone is unique and has their own remarkable story.

Mr. Sunshine came about from the co-founder’s desire to get away from buying flowers for his girlfriend ever again. He is currently succeeding so far. This year, Mr. Sunshine will also start to host flower workshops seminars, expand into catering to events, and establish TheFlowerNetwork.

20. Rory and Sloan, @roryandsloan

Rory and Sloan is a lifestyle brand that offers stylish accessories for real women that was in 2017 with statement earrings, which are perfect for accessorizing everyday wear or outfits for special occasions. Their products are meant to empower women to do anything from daily errands to motherly duties to day-to-night events. This year, Rory and Sloan came out with their very own bag design – The Croft bag – which they designed for the modern woman. “We wanted a stylish everyday bag that can fit so many things without the the bulkiness,” they explain. “It’s also great for travel, parties, etc.”
Rory and Sloan intends to expand their line of products in the upcoming year with more essential products – that are stylish, too – that will cater to not just women, but everyone!

19. TerraceHousePH, @terracehouse_ph


TerraceHousePH is a modest and charming plant store for curated, homegrown, and hard-to-find plants that can help create a tiny patch of paradise. Nature and plants have always been a source of inspiration and great joy for the owner, so when they left their 15-year high demand corporate job to pursue a more meaningful, greener, healthier work-life balance; TerraceHousePH was born.

“Making a drastic career shift wasn’t easy. It takes courage, drive, skill and risk to change your life. It’s exciting and challenging but once you find your passion, niche, and what makes you happy; then life becomes more fluid, rewarding, therapeutic, and meaningful. Be positive and never ever give up!”

18. Tonic Bags and Shoes, @shoptonic.ph


Tonic was born in 2008 out of one lady’s love and passion for shoes. The word tonic is defined as anything invigorating – physically or mentally. This is exactly what Tonic aims to be for its loyal following. All materials are personally sourced, selected, and approved to ensure the quality and uniqueness that goes into each pair that leaves the workshop.

She’s not a one-woman team, though. All locally made, Tonic takes pride in celebrating the beauty and excellence of Philippine workmanship by its Marikina manufacturers. In 2015, Tonic had to take a backseat to the owner’s new family. The desires of the heart could not be suppressed, though – shoes will always remain her first love. Tonic is now back in full force, inspired more than ever and set to create its best collections yet. Tonic hopes that its efforts to thrive and expand will continue to reach those who possess appreciation for beauty, quality, uniqueness, and value for money.

17. Jackdaw, @jackdaw.ph

Jackdaw has been around since 2015. It was founded on the idea that owning a good-looking watch doesn’t need to be expensive. The idea came about when Paolo Sarmiento was still studying entrepreneurial management in UA&P back in 2010. All of his friends were wearing luxury watches, but then he realized that not everybody can afford them. Because of this, he conceptualized a business where he can provide inexpensive watches that people can actually be proud of.

Starting out in the wooden category, Jackdaw has since transitioned to the stainless steel market to provide more options. “We always listen to customer feedback and we make sure that their concerns are addressed,” they share. “What we value most is good customer feedback, and we know that the only way to get that is to treat our customers right. Customer service is at the very core of Jackdaw and it is embedded in everything that we do.” Jackdaw watches are often bought as gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, and sometimes even weddings. “We feel very honored whenever people choose us to be part of these important moments in their lives,” they beam.

16. Ballers United


Ballers United PH is a basketball organizing group that currently caters to up to 80 teams in a week. Currently in their third year, they are all advocates of passion for the game of basketball, wanting fellow Filipinos to play at a high level and also make a name for themselves in the process. Ballers United PH has been ruling the Metro for some time now, particularly in Pasay and Makati, and they are currently expanding. They started their Laguna league two months ago and are now up to 24 teams there per season. Hoops Pride Batangas and Bicol will start in the first quarter of 2020.

15. Barako Mom PH, @barakomom.ph


Kapeng Barako is a coffee varietal native to the Philippines, particularly grown in the province of Batangas. It has a strong flavor and a distinctively powerful aroma. For Batangueños, Kapeng Barako takes its name from describing an image of a tough man with macho qualities, reflecting the fact that the coffee has a strong, bold taste. But why label “barako” only to strong men when women can be just as strong, too? As a Batangueña, owner and founder Katrina Ley believes that “barako” is more than just about a person’s physical strength. A true Barako is measured by the strength of one’s heart. And the strength of a mother is like no other. A heart filled with toughness, boldness and a distinctively powerful love. This is what inspired her to start Barako Mom PH.

Barako Mom PH was established in Dec 2018 as a home-based brand that is pleased to offer Filipino traditional coffee packed with love. They provide quality Kapeng Barako for home use and for gifting, showcasing thoughtfully crafted, Filipino-inspired packaging. Their goal is to help Kapeng Barako find a place in the hearts and cups of the new generation and to support the rise of our local coffee in the urban third wave. Barako Mom PH believes that Kapeng Barako is a symbol of our country and a piece of our heritage.

14. Slique


Slique wants to go into retail for insulated tumblers and lunch boxes with the launch of their Slique Insulated Vacuum Tumblers and Lunch Boxes. “We want to be somebody like Hydroflask and or Kleen Canteen, providing high quality products, but at a very affordable price, so even students can buy them,” they share.

13. Aré, @are.batangasph


Aré is a passion project. One of the owners is originally from Batangas and the other frequents the province during his downtime and to recharge. As such, it’s safe to say that Batangas is in the heart of Aré and where its roots are. They sell Kapeng Barako and 100% Pure Tablea sourced directly from small businesses in select towns in Batangas. They launched in September 2019, and hope to continuously grow and support more towns and businesses in Batangas in the future.

The owners share that they always wanted to start a business, but wanted something sustainable, won’t cost an arm and a leg, and would definitely enable them to help others. That’s were the idea started. “We already have a list of potential business ventures but we zeroed in on Kapeng Barako and Tablea because it won’t cost much, and most importantly we’d be able to sustain the businesses from the province we love,” they add. While doing their research, what made them fall in love with it more is the history behind the products! “We sell more than the products. We sell the rich history, the heritage, and the culture behind them.”

12. 19 and Up, @19andup


Since their humble beginnings in December 2016, two shirt-loving fangirls created a passion project to express what they really want. Their main goal back then was to wear their school pride and show their support through their own designs and shirts. “We shared it with our fellow fangirls, and then boom! In a span of almost three years, we were able to expand our product line and produce quality shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, mugs, pillows, mobile phone cases, and invitations for various companies, sports clubs, and athletes,” they share. They even had a tie-up with an online sports website where they featured volleyball legends. In 2017, they also partnered with an online shirt business that led to their partnership with nowhere to go but UP.

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