3 Workshops to Try in Thailand’s Art Capital, Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is dubbed as the art capital of Thailand and for good reason.  There’s something about this dreamy destination that inspires creativity from locals and tourists alike. Artworks are showcased in several galleries and even boutique shops all over this ‘New City’.

If you’re looking to learn a new skill while you’re in Chiang Mai, here are 3 workshops you can try in Thailand’s art capital.

3 Workshops to Try in Thailand’s Art Capital, Chiang Mai

Boom’s Fruit Carving Workshop

314 Chiang Moi Road, Muang Chiang Mai, Thailand

Mon – Sun: 9AM to 6PM


3 hours for ThB2200 / 6 hours for ThB3000

3 Workshops to Try in Thailand's Art Capital

Want to impress your family and friends at your next dinner party? Then learn fruit carving at Boom! Even complex designs are surprisingly easy to learn, thanks to the meticulous way of teaching. This makes it perfect for all skill levels.

Even a novice with knives like me came out of this unscathed. In three hours, you’ll be taught to carve several fruits and vegetables into different kinds of flowers, leaves, and butterflies.

Noina’s Art Studio’s Painting Workshop

315 Moon Muang Road, Lane 9 T. Sripoon A. Muang Chiang Mai, Thailand

Mon – Sun: 9AM to 5PM


2 hours for ThB400 / 3 hours for ThB500

Noina’s Art Studio offers basic sketching, charcoal drawing, watercolor painting, oil painting, acrylic painting, and mixed media workshops. The art studio doubles as a gallery and has paintings lined up against the walls. It’s spacious enough to hold a class of 15 participants comfortably with tons of legroom.

Noina is a great instructor. She actually got someone as stubbornly impatient as I am to learn watercoloring. She will guide you enough to get you going, but also give you space to experiment on your own.

Backstrap Loom Weaving Workshop

208 Bamrungrat, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Tues – Thurs: 9AM to 3PM


3 hours for ThB1200 / 6 hours for ThB2200

The Thai Tribal Crafts Trade Fair organizes this workshop twice a week to give people a chance to learn the traditional weaving methods of the Hill Tribes of Northern Thailand directly from a tribal instructor. A translator is present during all of the classes, so you don’t have to worry about a language barrier.

You will be taught every step of the back-strap weaving process which, while therapeutic, is actually more tiring than it looks. These women deserve respect!

After the class, you can also check out their retail store which has a lot of great handcrafted items. These are different from what you see at the tourist night markets and are generally of better craftsmanship.

There are several other art workshops available in Chiang Mai such as batik painting, pottery, ceramic, and soap carving workshops. In fact, you can spend a month there and constantly find something you haven’t tried. So the next time you visit Chiang Mai, go beyond the tours and invest in learning something new.


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