3 Tips on How to Steer Clear from Drowsy Driving

Picture this: after a heavy meal at lunch, you’re taking a long drive to the cold City of Pines, Baguio. You pass at least three major expressways with the noontime sun smiling brightly to you. Your gas tank is full, the A/C is blasting cold air, and some mellow music is playing from your favorite radio station.

It may sound like the perfect movie-like driving setting, but as your car cruises down the endless SCTEX, you slowly begin to yawn. You try to stretch a little, but even rubbing your eyes doesn’t seem to help. And to top it all off, your car seems to hit all the shoulder rumble strips, bumps and holes on the road as if someone intentionally placed them all in your way. You have officially entered the state of “Drowsy Driving”.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, multiple incidents of drowsy driving happen worldwide and anyone -regardless of age, gender or region – can be affected. They even consider this to be as deadly as drunk driving with less detection of its symptoms. While rolling down the windows and turning up the radio volume sometimes works in battling drowsy driving, that still isn’t fool-proof. Here are 3 steps on how to steer clear from drowsy driving:

3 Tips on How to Steer Clear from Drowsy Driving

3. Choose the right behavior.

The best way to combat or prevent drowsiness is to choose the right behavior. This includes getting enough sleep prior to a long drive or deciding to stop at a safe place to take a short 20-minute nap.

2. Take your time.

Believe it or not, driving can be a relaxing experience if you want it to be, so breathe in and enjoy the scenery. Remember: speed is not everything when it comes to driving.

1. Travel with someone fun.

Find a friend or someone who will be an enjoyable companion in long drives and create a buddy system where you take turns driving. If solo travelling is more of your thing, then a good caffeine partner can also help since caffeine is known to improve alertness.

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