3 Tips for a More Positive You in 2018

Happy New Year!  Is being more positive one of your resolutions?  Do you want to live a full and happy life?

Institute for Integrality, the pioneer for positivity training in the country, celebrated its fifth-year anniversary by holding a supercharged conference entitled, “The Power of Positivity: Anniversary Edition,” at the Mini-Meralco Theater on November 25, 2017.

Since 2014, Integrality’s signature program, The Power of Positivity, has been inspiring people to work happier, live happier, and achieve a greater sense of well-being. They present the Positivity formula of “Think Well, Feel Well, and Do Well” to various organizations and companies as the best and simplest way to understand how the harmonious interaction of positive thoughts, positive feelings, and positive behavior is achieved.

The venue was jam-packed, with more than 150 smiling and laughing participants learning how to be more positive and live a happy life.

Want to know Three Top Tips from the conference that they learned and which YOU can apply too?  Here it is:

3. Reflect on Your Purpose

Do you know why you exist in this world? Do you have a reason for why you do what you do? In other words, do you know your PURPOSE?

If you’ve yet to find answers to these questions, take the time this year to harness the power of reflection. Reflecting every day helps align your actions and decisions to your purpose.  When you know and act according to your purpose, you will experience greater clarity and meaning in your life.

2. Adopt a Positive View of People

Each person is unique.  Each person has his or her own personality, temperament, tendencies, limitations, and imperfections.

Sometimes, conflicts and negativity happen in your daily life.  Often, these come from disagreements with others.

The way to positively deal with differences is first, accept that you will not always agree with others and that’s okay.  Value the differences instead of reacting to them, appreciate them in the person.

Then, take the time to understand why a person can act a certain way and focus on that person’s unique strengths. Try to see that person as a gift because he or she has his or her own purpose to fulfill.

Remember, each one of us is capable of becoming the best version of ourselves.

1. Value Who You Become In Your Journey

#GoLangNgGo has been a popular hashtag used by millennials to go for one goal after another.  Whether it’s a work project or a travel destination, generally millennials have the tendency to accumulate achievements in the fastest time possible.

While achieving goals is a good endeavor, it is not the most important.  You must also think about the kind of person you are becoming during the process of achieving goals.

Value the process or the journey, not just the outcome.  This allows you to be mindful of the meaning and purpose of your life journey.  It also develops positive values such as patience and perseverance, which are keys to becoming who we ought to be.


To learn more about the Power of Positivity and Integrality’s other training programs, check out Institute for Integrality on Facebook or email letstalk@instituteforintegrality.com.  You can also call or text them at 750-0109, 0995-5850136.

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