3 Things You Can Do with the Atom Micro Speaker

I’m the type of person who likes isolating myself from the outside world whenever I listen to music. DB Audio Philippines’ Atom Micro speaker, however, just might turn things around for me.

The Atom Micro is a nifty little wireless speaker that you can carry around with you anywhere you go. It’s a small cylinder that stands at just one-and-a-half inches tall with a clean design that comes in black, silver, and gold.

Atom 01 wp

But don’t let its size fool you. The Atom Micro is by no means small when it comes to sound, which got me thinking: what else can I do with such a tiny speaker?

Play Hide-and-Seek (the atom)

Carrying the Atom Micro around is like carrying a small stone in your hands. It’s convenient to bring wherever you go, and really easy to hide.

Don’t let this dishearten you, though. The Atom Micro can deliver some loud tunes at maximum volume and I’ve noticed its sound fills up a room quite nicely. I’ve tried playing some classical tunes through the speaker and hid it between books and it still sounded nice and clear—as if the sound was coming from all around me. Of course, it also does well with all of my more contemporary tracks.

Atom 02 wp

While I did notice a little distortion when played at full volume, all that is outshone by the great first impression I got from such a compact little device.

Carry Your Own Personal Soundtrack

While most people say that portable wireless speakers can be used when chilling in the bedroom or cooking in the kitchen, a friend says to use it to carry around a soundtrack on your walks!

Because the Atom is small enough to carry around in your pocket, or even attach to your phone, your adventures can come with personalized mood music for those cold, rainy days, or an epic chase track for those times when you feel like you’re being followed.

You can go as loud as you want, but of course, a little discretion won’t hurt, especially if you don’t want to be that guy who walks around public places while blasting loud music.

Become Closer with Friends

You know those times when you want to share a video on your phone or laptop and the built-in speaker just wouldn’t cut it?

atom 03 wp

The Atom’s got you covered. In my experience with using the speaker, it pairs easily with all my devices and often lasts for up to four hours of use. This means more time bonding with friends you want to watch videos or listen to music with, and less time holding your phone up to their ears so they get why that funny video you were talking about was funny.

Oh, and did I mention that the power button can double as a camera shutter? This will mean the end of those overused extended-arm selfies for you and your friends.

Overall, this little device is excellent value for its price and packs quite a lot of punch for its size. You can check out DB Audio Philippine’s Facebook Page to know more about the Atom Micro and the other devices that they have!