3 Things You’ll Learn from Traveling

3 Things You’ll Learned from Traveling


Some of us are born with the travel bug, maybe getting it from our parents or close relatives. Others will get it later in life, maybe after college graduation or even when they retire. But whether it strikes now or in the far future, it will always change you. I haven’t been to all the countries in the world, but it’s on my list. Travelling has a way of changing you, and here are a few things I’ve learned from my adventures: 


Travelling Mataas na Kahoy Batangas


3. Traveling makes you independent

When you’re in a new place 5,000 kilometres away from home, you don’t really have many choices. Whether or not you left home by yourself or with a group of friends, somehow you begin to realize some traits you never knew you possessed. And you’ll be surprised as to how easily you can manage. When you can’t call your parents, best friends, or family doctor on speed dial, you learn how to fend for yourself, and it becomes something you take with you when you return back home.


2. Traveling will teach you about others, as well as about yourself.

Being exposed to a new environment may seem scary at first, but as you immerse yourself deeper into the art, music, literature, and people of a new place, you’ll appreciate the different perspectives. When you interact with other people, especially those from other cultures, you’ll be open to new experiences and will start to think differently about worldly matters including politics, religion, economics, as well as social issues.


1. Traveling makes you step out of your comfort zone.

Different places have different cultures. Some will force you to trade in your dress shoes for a pair of flip-flops, or a knife and a fork for your bare hands. It might be considered normal to do the thumbs-up sign in some places, but it might be considered rude in others. Basically, when you travel to new places, you’ll be inclined to move away from your usual habits one way or another. And that’s exactly what top premium beer brand, Heineken, challenges men to be: Men of the World.


Heineken 3 Things I Learned from Traveling


A Man of the World believes in living life to the fullest by experiencing new things and seeking new adventures. He knows his limits and he goes beyond them. He’s confident to be himself, but he sees the world as an opportunity for discovery. 

Like me, Heineken knows that every great city offers and endless range of possibilities. Earlier this year, Heineken launched their global campaign “Cities of the World” to motivate men to embark on worldly adventures and explore the unexpected. As part of the campaign, they also created limited edition City Bottles featuring a print of some of the most popular cities across the globe: New York, Shanghai, Berlin, London, Amsterdam, and Singapore.

Whichever city you end up in, even if it’s your very own Manila, just know that there’s always something new to explore. A tourist is different from a traveller. You have the world at your fingertips, starting from your very own urban backyard. It’s time to #OpenYourCity.


3 Things You’ll Learn from Traveling