3 Restaurants for 3 Kinds of Dating Couples

 When in Manila, Valentine’s Day is not the only day to celebrate your love.  Manila is thriving with places good for some alone time  and intimacy with your partner. Lombardi’s,  C2 Classic Cuisine, and Cravings are one of the many restaurants I’m talking about.


In a nutshell, Lombardi’s is known for it’s authentic Italian food,  C2 Classic Cuisine is praised for its Homey yet modern take on Filipino food, while Cravings is known for it’s fine dishes and dessert selections. It may be a bit hard to chose from these three. Of course, you don’t want something too “casual” if you want to impress your long-term partner, and you also don’t want something too romantic for someone you’re just started dating. To help you out, I made a guide for you, so you can find which is the most appropriate restaurant for you and your partner.


C2 Classic Cuisine for the “almost” couple



This is the most exciting stage of your relationship wherein you’re still getting to know all the likes, dislikes, and quirks of your partner– A.K.A. “The Chase”. Try something beyond the usual and have a go at C2 Classic Cuisine’s boodle fight sets. Whether it’s just the two of you or with your friends, the “boodle fight” set-up is an exciting way to dine. Eating with your bare hands would totally break the ice and it’s pretty intimate– a great way to level-up your relationship. 


These are the sets: 
Set A, P1,200, good for 3 people and inspired with the flavors of the sea — Lamang Dagat Platter, Buro and Green Mango Salad, Stuffed Squid, Grilled Bangus Belly, Hilabos na Hipon, Pinasingaw na Tahong and a Carafe of Iced Tea.


RIGHT: Set B , 1,600, good for 4-6 people and perfect for friends who want a fulfilling meal with its generous shares of Crispy Tokwa’t Baboy, Lumpiang Hubad, Binusog na Bangus, Crispy Kare-Kare, Tinolang Binakol and Fiesta Rice, topped with Leche Flan and a Carafe of Iced Tea.
LEFT:  Set C (P1,800) also known as the Family Boodle and good for 4-8 people, is the supreme spread with its bevy of dishes that satisfies to the max.

Lombardi’s for the stable couple



For the couple who is “going strong” for quite a while , this is the restaurant for. Wine and dine in the most romantic way with Lombardi’s “Mi Completi” (You Complete Me), a tantalizing 4-course Lovers Special menu.  
For just Php 1,199, lovers can indulge themselves in Chef Davide Lombardi’s dishes such as:


 Crema Di Funghi Tartufata (cream of mushroom with black truffle) & Linguine Alla Botarga e Gambaretti (stuffed pizza or dried Italian caviar with tiger prawns in linguine pasta)



Ossobuco Con Gremolata Due Profumi (Oven braised beef shank served on a hot cast iron)



Crema Della Amore (Red and White Wine colored panna cotta) for luscious dessert.


What I love about this set is that each dish has a distinct taste making the whole dining experiences unique and memorable– the soup is the most flavorful cream of mushroom version that I have tasted, while the pasta has that classic seafood pasta that we all love. The braised beef shank, is very tasty and soft, it may even melt in your mouth. The Panna Cotta , Chef Lombardi’s signature dessert– silky, smooth, a sweet.

I can vouch that EVERYTHING in this menu is something that would impress your partner (even if you’ve been eating out a lot for quite some time). Spend a day here and bask in the restaurant’s ambience and romantic vibe. 



Read on to find out the last restaurant!