3 Reasons Why You Should Stop Drinking Mediocre Coffee

Written by Annika Villarroel
Photos by Giovanni Estimada

Not exactly a morning person myself, I’ve come up with many different rituals to help me get through my least favorite part of the day. A hot shower, some cool morning tunes, and of course a delicious cup of coffee (or two) are musts to bring sunshine into my oh-so-frequent morning blues. There’s nothing like a splash of caffeine to get me into the daily grind (pun definitely intended).


Working late nights, I’ve learned to splurge on anything that’ll make me more excited from the moment I open my eyes. If you live a life full of packed schedules, plain old 3-in-1 coffee sachets just won’t cut it anymore. So here are 3 reasons why you should dump instant coffee sachets, and invest in a brewed cup of joe instead!

3. You’ll reap a ton more of awesome benefits

Brewed coffee is packed with antioxidants that are responsible for fighting a lot of our body’s free radicals. But in the case of instant coffee, a lot of the antioxidants and compounds that help fight against type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and even dementia gets destroyed during the process. You lose both the flavor and the benefits! Now that’s a lose-lose situation.


2. You’ll decrease the amount of harmful chemicals entering your body

Through skin products and genetically modified food, our body already absorbs all sorts of chemicals on a daily basis. Due to the nature of the production of instant coffee, the coffee grounds in those have even more chemicals such as acrylamide which may increase the risk of cancer when taken in higher doses.


1. You’ll always get unbeatable, delicious premium coffee with every brew

Ever have bland and just flat tasting coffee? Nothing can beat both the aroma and distinct taste of brewed coffee, packed with rich and unique flavor bursting from freshly roasted coffee beans. Oh, what a good morning indeed!


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Are you a coffee addict like us? Tell us about your favorite coffee picks/blends in the comments below!

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