3 Reasons Why MiG Ayesa’s New Song is the Perfect Passion Anthem

With YouTube and Spotify and other music portals online, there definitely is no reason for someone not to get bitten by the music bug. In the process, we shuffle, repeat and press next, in search for a new song to add to our playlist for an offline listening pleasure. You have Adele for your love RX, Rihanna for your inner wild child, or The Chainsmokers for the party animal in you. There are lots of options out there—it’s a continuous search for the best song to represent you.

The same goes for your life anthem. If you’re on the lookout for something to fire your passion up again, you’;; be happy to know that Filipino-Australian rock singer MiG Ayesa just released a new song that will make you experience LSS for life! The song called “Fill My Cup” was born through the initiative of FWD Life Philippines. Check it out here:

Aside from the upbeat take on the rhythms and moving lyrics to accompany it, here are more reasons why this new MiG Ayesa song should be your passion anthem:

3 Reasons Why MiG Ayesa’s New Song is the Perfect Passion Anthem

3. Its message is a powerful encouragement to everyone.


It’s the kind of song that sends vibrant energy the moment it is played. If that’s not enough reason to get you hooked, carefully listen to the words written by MiG himself and feel yourself get uplifted even after the song has ended.

2. It’s the singer’s personal soundtrack, too!


“It echoes my take on life and how I look at opportunities and challenges,” shares MiG.

1. You get to help in your own little way.

mig ayesa new song passion anthem

MiG with FWD Life Philippines and the sisters of Saint Rita Orphanage

Fill My Cup doesn’t only give its positive power to its listeners; this is a passion project, too! Everytime Fill My Cup will be played on the radio, FWD Life Philippines will donate P50 to Saint Rita orphanage, which takes care of abandoned and orphaned children. Won’t this show how naturally we Filipinos love to give a helping hand?