3 Reasons Why I Love La Opala Diva Dinnerware Sets (And You Should, Too)

Gone are the days when fancy plates were only used during special occasions such as Christmas, New Year, Thanksgiving, Birthdays, and more. Now that people are becoming “competitive” in taking photos and sharing it across social media accounts like Instagram, it is already “a must” to have presentable props to go with your styling.

la opala dinnerware

Studies show that Instagram is the seventh photo-sharing app that has over 400 million monthly active accounts. Moreover, besides travel and picturesque sceneries, food photos top the list.

Fortunately, La Opala Dinnerware sets are stylish, presentable, and safe to use! In fact, they are also known as the “fine art of dining.”

la opala

One thing I look for in dinnerware is if it’s microwave safe. You know, if you’re just tired of cooking?And, you want to reheat the left-overs? 🙂FernFantasy La opala

petite blue set

Petite Blue Set

Seriously, though, La Opala has been setting standards for tableware around the globe since 1988. I love their contemporary yet elegant designs. Plus, the color combination of the design is perfect! (I love earth-tone!)

La Opala

Finally, I unboxed my set of La Opala plates last Thanksgiving and I used it right away during lunch! Nothing fancy, though. I just prepared simple dishes for my family. Pictured here was my version of Quesadilla.

Twilight bouquet set

Twilight bouquet set

So, without further ado, let me share with you, my top 3 reasons why I love these La Opala Diva Opalware and why it’s considered a “fine art of dining.”

3. Perfect for animal lovers and vegetarians!

You might be wondering why “vegetarians” and why it’s for animal lovers. Well, these plates are ash bone free. Meaning, the plate doesn’t contain any material that’s derived from animal bones, unlike others. Therefore, no animals were harmed during the process of manufacturing these plates.

La Opala

Citron WeaveCitron Weave

Moreover, La Opala is an exquisite fusion of artistry, aesthetics, and finesse. Being bone ash free, it makes the perfect choice for vegetarians, as well as, animal lovers!

La Opala

 I love a minimalist approach in styling. How about you?

2. Eco-friendly

La Opala Toquise

Looking at the designs, you’d know that the materials used for dinnerware are environment-friendly. Essentially, these plates stand out, not only because of its eco-friendliness but, also with its exquisitely chic designs.

La Opala

1. Safe for children, perfect for people on the go

People on the go don’t have time to cook. They don’t even have time to wash the dishes. Combined with consumer-friendly properties like being microwave friendly, chip resistant, dishwasher safe, impact and thermal shock resistant, it goes to show that this set of plates are economical and quality dinnerware.

Interestingly, the manufacturers hire overseas consultants to help create even more stylish designs to satisfy the growing aesthetical standards of buyers.

And of course, since the plates are break resistant, these plates are safe for children.

La Opala Diva

I homeschool the kids and with that, I have the luxury of teaching them proper dining etiquette. Thank you, La Opala for making my parenting so much easier!

In 2008, La Opala introduced its most fashionable range of opalware, Diva, that ranks among the finest in the world. A perfect blend of international sophistication and everyday practicalities.

And, since Christmas is just around the corner, La Opala dinnerware could be a perfect gift this yuletide season!

La Opala

You may find these lovely plates and dinnerware sets at Landmark and any SM department Stores nationwide.

La Opala Diva Opalware Sets

Website: www.laopala.in