3 Reasons Why You Should Try Gourmade’s Ketogenic Meal Plans

Article by Isaiah Emmanuel Suguitan (@blueiceiah) / Photos by Isaiah Emmanuel Suguitan  and Joselle Marie Fajardo / Graphics by Joselle Marie Fajardo

Diet – the word that has lost its place in a lot of people’s vocabulary. It is something that everyone aspires to follow yet only some are able to pursue. Due to certain limitations, such as a lack of time to prepare healthier meals, people nowadays tend to feast on fast food and convenience store items instead. This scenario is prevalent with people of all ages, whether they’re students or employees.

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However, did you know that you can still pursue that dream to eat healthier food and get fit (along with some exercise and enough rest) even if you’re always on the go? Yes. You read it right! You still can!

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Gourmade by Chef Rob Lau, one of Manila’s famous healthy food delivery services, serves Ketogenic diet week-long meals that can help you reach your fitness goals!

Did I mention that their week-long meal plan includes BACON?


A sample Ketogenic menu by Gourmade

For those of you who don’t know what a Ketogenic diet is, it’s basically composed of low carb and high-fat food items. Throughout the duration of the diet, the body produces ketones (the byproducts of fatty acids), which are used as energy. This idea came from the fact that our body stores the fats that we consume. To reinforce this, a person following a ketogenic diet goes through ketosis (where the body uses ketones as energy). To sum everything up, the keto diet is designed to increase your metabolism.

To give you a glimpse of why this is a MUST-TRY, we tried Gourmade’s week-long Keto meal plan and here are some reasons why you should give it a shot:

3 Reasons Why You Should Try Gourmade’s Ketogenic Meal Plans

3. The meals are very filling!


Menu for Day 1 (L to R): Bangus Sisig Lettuce Wrap, Five Spice Porkchop with Pechay, Cheese and Bacon Omelette

Whenever I eat a meal, I always make sure that I include rice or bread. But with Gourmade’s meals, I felt full even without the carbs! Another great thing is that the meal I only has 1500-1700 calories in it. This way, I was able to manage my calorie intake and maximize weight loss.


My personal favorite dish that day: the Five Spice Porkchop with Pechay! 

2. The taste is extraordinary!


Menu for Day 3 (Clockwise): Hainanese Chicken with Ginger, Grilled Liempo with Ginisang Kangkong, Keto Bacon Deviled Eggs

Since the meals are prepared by a renowned chef, you can definitely expect them to be out of the ordinary! The weekly meal plans are carefully planned, selected, and innovated to cater to different food preferences. This ensures that the food is unique and different all the time. Think of it as a tasty surprise that awaits your tastebuds every meal time!

keto menu

Our week-long menu! 

1. You can get the food delivered whenever you want!


Menu for Day 4 (L to R): Cheesy Chicken Fritters, Burger Patty Stuffed with Cheese and Pomodoro Sauce and Greek Salad

Another great thing about Gourmade is that I was able to get my food delivered before going to school. I had my meals delivered at around 4am and boy, are they prompt! Not only are you assured of the food being fresh, but they are also able to bring it to your doorsteps at the time that you want it.


Burger Patty Stuffed with Cheese and Pomodoro Sauce

Since its public introduction in late 2016, Gourmade has stormed the Metro by serving more than 200 weekly subscribers across all diet meal programs, which include Skinny Down, Pescatarian and Ketogenic. These subscribers even include some local celebrities, like Kris Bernal, Awra, Alice Dixson and Aiko Melendez!

So if you’re looking for a healthy way to kick off your fitness dreams this 2018, Gourmade by Chef Rob Lau is the one to call!

Gourmade by Chef Rob Lau

0915 249 8484 / 0917 871 9191

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gourmadebychefroblau


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