3 New Places to See in Puerto Princesa, Palawan

I recently traveled to Puerto Princesa, Palawan with my friends, and I was thrilled and very much excited as this was my first time to visit the island. And it’s been months since I had a vacation outside Metro Manila.

Whenever I hear Palawan, the first thing that comes to my mind is The Underground River in Puerto Princesa. However, let’s not limit our knowledge with only one best part of Palawan. The city has so much to offer and so many undiscovered places by tourists. So, I give you 3 new attractions or places to see  in Puerto Princesa, Palawan.

3. Casa Nieves TV

Casa Nieves TV is a bed and breakfast accommodation and at the same time a film site where indie directors and filmmakers can shoot their films. Casa Nieves is exclusive for IsDa Revolution members (for film making/shooting) though, but membership costs a mere 500 pesos.

It is the best place to shoot in the city of Puerto Princesa. It’s even located near the airport, about 15 to 20mins drive.

I have to say that every room in Casa Nieves is Instagrammable. For room rates and other inquiries visit www.facebook.com/casanieves.tv

casa nieves outside

casa nieves

outside casa nieves

2. Isla Felomina

Isla Felomina is the newest snorkeling and diving spot here in Puerto Princesa. A virgin beach with crystal clear water, this place amazes me because even at the shore you will see lots of fish. It’s a white sand beach too.

Entrance is PHP 168.00 / USD 4.00 and PHP360.00 / USD 8.00 for entrance with lunch. This includes rice, catch of the day fish, veggies and local dessert such as suman or bibingka. Boat rental for 6 pax is PHP2,000 / USD 44.50. Located at Barangay New Panggangan.

isla felomina diving area

isla felomina diving spot

isla felomina top view

1. Nagtabon Beach

One of the undiscovered beaches in Puerto Princesa, Palawan. This beach is only known to locals, although when we got there we saw three foreigners which only shows that Palawan is growing in terms of tourism.

Entrance fee is PHP 20.00 / USD 50cents, parking fee is PHP 50.00 / USD 1.1 and cottage fee is PHP 100.00 / USD2.2

nagtabon beach top view

Nagtabon Beach

nagtabon beach shore

nagtabon beach locals

For more info on commuting around Puerto Princesa Palawan visit www.ilovepaars.com

nagtabon beach rocks

Also, thanks a bunch bebe Cy of www.cyrenedipity.com for capturing all these amazing photos for me, lol.

nagtabon beach batohan
Palawan is such a beautiful place and this gives us reason to travel more and see the wonders of our country – Philippines.