3 Major Signs Your Partner Could Be Cheating On You

Infidelity, sadly, has been the worst conundrum of our society. It’s already part of our lives. Just the like the old adage goes: “You can only trust someone, as far as my eyes can see.”


Earlier today, I shared with you a comical article about a wife who’s fed up with her cheating husband. You may read the full article here.

Whilst I was writing it, I asked myself, “how would you know if your partner is cheating on you?” I asked because if you love someone, you’re most likely blinded by it. Even the noticeable acts are nothing to you because you love the person so much, In short, you trust him/her.

Man Catches Wife Cheating Posts Video to Humiliate her on Internet

So, I took the liberty of reading other articles about signs of cheating, and here are the 3 major ones collated from different websites including Huffington’s and Professionalcounselling.com.

3. New unusual habits

This is actually a given sign. If for many years, s/he has been complacent and all of sudden, s/he’s doing unusual habits like picking up a new lingo, as what mentioned in the Huffington Post article, then that could be a sign, s/he is into something “different.” In an example shared by the Huffington Post, a wife all of a sudden yelled a word that none of them neither used it before. Obviously, if you have been spending a little more time with someone else, you’ll probably pick up a new habit. So, for you reading this, you have to be observant about your partner’s actions.

2. More adventurous in bed

This is possible. According to my psychologist friend, men are naturally creative in bed. However, when a person becomes comfortable with someone, all of that creativity in bed go out the window. You become passionate and content with just being together. So, if s/he became creative again, all of a sudden, it is most likely because someone has sparked his/her libido again.

1. Becomes Stingy

You might be looking for the sign “suspiciously holding mobile phones 24/7”. Nope. Those days are gone, as most of us are using our phones almost 24/7. It’s hard to pinpoint who cheats or not. What’s obvious is when your partner is generally and naturally generous but becomes tight all of a sudden.

If your spouse has always been generous and all of a sudden became stingy, you have to know the reason why. If s/he cannot give a reasonable answer, then s/he might be using the money for something else. I may sound cruel or judgmental, but money is the root of evil. And I believe in what Benjamin Franklin said, “a small leak can sink a big ship.”

Being in a relationship is not a walk in the park. Even though you aren’t married yet, maintaining a healthy and happy relationship is sometimes hard to achieve.

Remember the 3 Cs in marriage: compromise, communication, and commitment. But, communication is key.

But if you want to have a longer and harmonious relationship with your partner, I suggest reading this article I wrote a while back but relevant any time.

How about you? How do you know your partner is already cheating on you? Share them in the comments!


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