3 Easy Tips that Will Help You Make the Most of Your Shots

Written by Danelle Go / Photography by: Gabriella Mercado and Danelle Go

Now more than ever, there is a vast genre of social media game-changers, each with their own unique style, niche, and target audience, but all with the same platforms: Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and the like.

Having such a large number of content creators and influencers has its benefits, of course. Who else is going to produce the memes and vlogs you love so much? However, because there is such a large variety of influencers out there from all parts of the world, it has also become a lot more difficult to stand out and go viral.

This conflict of creating the right content and promoting the right creators for consumers was the center of Capture the Beauty in Everything, a vlogging and mobile photography workshop sponsored by Oppo at Spaces by Eco Hotel Philippines.

Eason de Guzman, PR Representative of Oppo, discusses the importance of influencers in today’s media

This simple yet enlightening workshop encapsulated the beauty of life in today’s generation, specifically through vlogging and mobile photography. Thanks to the stories shared on these mediums, it’s easy to see why so many people have become sopassionate about this craft.

While Azrael Coladilla, an influential blogger, discussed important aspects of vlogging and story-telling through videos, Vince Tanching, photographer and influencer for Huawei and Nikon, shared his own experiences and expertise in the field of photography.

Whether you use a high quality DSLR or edit your smartphone camera photos with VSCO, here are some easy tips you can use to make the most of your shots.

3 Easy Tips that Will Help You Make the Most of Your Shots

3. Always be prepared

Before you can actually take a shot, you have to make sure you have something to take the shot with, especially if you’re going somewhere new and/or interesting. Keep your eyes peeled for new angles or lighting, or anything that just happens to catch your eye. Don’t try too hard to look for something to post, though. Let it come naturally; those will always make for the best shots!

2. Understand the basics and fundamentals of editing and photography.

You don’t have to be a full-fledged photographer to make the most out of the craft, but you do need to know a few things, like not to over-edit your pictures with filters or settings. Doing this can actually make your photos look oversaturated or distract from the actual subject of the picture.

Also, do some research! From learning about the rule of thirds to researching the difference between the clarity and sharpness controls on your VSCO panel, these will all help you edit quickly and properly. Besides, having this information in your back pocket could never hurt!

1. Publish ASAP, and don’t forget the hashtags to be one with the community!

Being the eager photographer you may end up becoming, filling up your camera roll with multiple shots or the same skyline or plate of pasta is inevitable. So, once you capture something you’re really happy with, edit it immediately. And once that’s done, post it!

Consistently build up your identity as a photographer by making sure you don’t miss out on any of the good stuff you take. Since there are already so many other photographers out there, though, it’s also important to use hashtags. By using these tags, it’ll be easier for interested partners to catch your work. The same goes for tagging other photography accounts; this will help you immerse yourself in your community.

Are you an aspiring photographer? Learn more about Vince on his Instagram account: @theurbanwanderer

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